Designing a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Designing a Child Friendly Bathroom

Creating a family bathroom that is stylish, functional and above all, safe for younger children to use, is all any parent would want. When designing a bathroom, it is always important to bear in mind the ages of those who will be using it; what may seem attractive and stylish to a parent might not be so practical for bathing children and conducting a school run. Likewise, what may be suitable for the children might not contribute to the spa-like feeling that many people want their bathroom to have.

Tips for Designing your Child-Friendly Bathroom:

Child Friendly Bathroom

Avoiding Contact with Hot Water

The most dangerous thing for children to come into contact with in the bathroom is probably hot water. All taps and showers in child-friendly bathrooms should have thermostatic features to regulate the water temperature, or parents should be prepared to calibrate their water heater so that it does not reach scalding temperatures. This is very easily done, and can help prevent inquisitive children from receiving nasty injuries when it comes to hot taps. Installing mixer taps can also prevent this problem; if the cold tap is always turned on first, there is less of a risk of scalding from hot water.

Extra Storage

Storage is a necessity in many bathrooms, but out-of-reach-for-children storage is even more important in a room that will be used by all the family. Many people keep medications, harsh cleaning products and other harmful substances in their bathroom cabinets, so it is important to have some sort of storage facility that is out of reach for storing things like razor blades and medication.

Fixtures & Fittings

This tip seems rather obvious, but it is vital to ensure that all features, especially things like wall-hung basins and toilets, are entirely secure when affixed to the wall. Children love to play circus performers and dangle off things when their parents aren’t looking, and the last thing any parent needs is for a badly-installed basin to come loose from the wall while their little one is playing.

Preventing Wet Floors

Wet floors are perilous in bathroom situations, so it is important to minimise splashing when in the bath, no matter how much they enjoy it! A corner bath can offer plenty of space and depth, whilst keeping the splash-zone minimised to one corner of the room. The water can then easily be mopped up with towels to prevent any slips or falls on wet tiles or laminated flooring. Shower baths are also a great solution; they often have glass enclosures that keep the splash to a minimum, and they provide two solutions in one place.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the design of the bathroom itself should be considered wisely when attempting to cater to children’s tastes. Whilst it may be tempted to give into a child’s wishes and give the bathroom an underwater sea theme, complete with mermaids and pirates, it is important to consider what the children’s preferences will be in five or ten years’ time. Ensure that any added extras that are implemented for the sake of children are temporary, then when they are removed, the bathroom remains a stylish and functional haven for mum and dad. If this blog post was useful you might want to read our 5 Child safety tips post too!

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