Designing Your Bathroom Suite

Designing Your Bathroom

Designing Your Bathroom

Fitting a new bathroom suite can become one of the most major and expensive tasks you ever undertake in your home, possibly second only to fitting a complete kitchen. Make sure you take your time to plan your bathroom design so that you are satisfied with the end result.

Plan Everything Out

When Planning a new bathroom suite or en-suite, first draw out a plan on graph paper showing where the bath, sink, loo and shower are and noting the position of windows and doors. Also measure how far away the room is form the existing waste pipes, plumbing and boiler.

General Things to Consider

  • Is the existing bathroom big enough for future, as well as present, requirements?
  • Ask everyone who’s using going to be using the bathroom on a regular basis what they would like from the new room.
  • Could you increase the size of your bathroom? How?
  • Could you join a separate bathroom and toilet together to create one spacious room?
  • Could you move the door to incorporate a section of hallway, or an adjoining room to create a larger bathroom?
  • To retain a separate toilet, could you install a new one elsewhere, for example under the stairs?
  • Is there a room adjoining a bedroom that could be turned into an en-suite bathroom?
  • What could you fit comfortably in your bathroom?
  • What decorative finishes do you want?
  • What lighting and accessories do you need?

Important Things to Consider

Consider carefully the long-term effect of your choice of colour for the bathroom suite. White is easy to clean and never goes out of fashion.

When choosing fittings and attachments, consider maintenance. Chrome is low maintenance and polishes up beautifully. It’s also a perfect match for a white suite.

Ceramic tiles completely covering all walls and floors might make the bathroom appear cold and also create condensation problems.

A free-standing shower is vital if you have the room. Ensure the shower is correctly fitted – damage resulting from a poorly fitted shower can be expensive and difficult to repair.


Allow for 15 – 20% overspend when working out your budget.

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