Digital Showers Explained

Digital Showers ExplainedRecent advancements in showering technology means that you can now enjoy the luxury of controlling the temperature of your shower using a wireless control, meaning you enjoy the perfect temperature when you step into your shower enclosure. This is becoming an incredibly popular choice in a lot of modern bathroom as it makes life in the morning that little bit easier. No longer must you endure an ice cold blast as you turn on the shower or wait for it to warm up, you can simply use your wireless control and have a hassle free, luxurious showering experience from start to finish.

A digital shower usually consists of the digital mixer unit, the wireless control and the shower fitting itself. These showers work by taking water from the digital mixer unit, which is fed by both the hot and cold water supply, allowing you to create the perfect water temperature. The beauty of a digital mixer shower is that you can place the mixer away from the shower fittings, for example in the loft or behind an artificial wall. You can then control your temperature using the user friendly wireless control to create the perfect showering experience.

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