Double Ended Baths at Bella Bathrooms

Double Ended Baths

A long soak in the bath is a relaxing and sensual experience, so why enjoy it alone? At Bella Bathrooms, we offer an extensive range of double ended baths that are designed especially to be very comfortable for two people to enjoy together. With sloped sides at each end, both users can enjoy an intimate and relaxing experience time and time again.

Double ended baths come in various shapes and sizes to suit every bathroom space. Whether you are planning on adding one of these baths to a traditional or modern bathroom, we have one that we become the centerpiece of your home, giving you a space to unwind and relax in either alone or with a partner. At Bella Bathrooms, we aim to provide you with the perfect double ended bath for your home. With an extensive range of sizes and a huge range of taps to accompany your new bath, you can feel rest assured that you are getting the perfect, complete collection from us at a fantastic price.

With impressive discounts as well as long guarantees for some peace of mind, enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience with Bella Bathrooms today.