An old style luxury Edwardian bathroomin a colonial house of the suburbs

Edwardian bathroom ideas

The Edwardian era was a pivotal time in design history and while taking inspiration from the Victoria period, Edwardian’s favoured simpler styling. Classic bathroom designs of the time (1901-1910) valued light and open spaces, simple patterns and colours, as well as the necessary luxury finishing touches. While the era lasted only a decade, the design influence that this time had on interior design still stands strong today.

If you’re looking to design a traditional bathroom with an Edwardian style, in this guide we’ll show you how it’s done. From the colour palettes the Edwardian’s chose to the bath and WC design, we’ve got you completely covered.


An Edwardian bathroom pays homage to Edwardian interior design and the bathroom fixtures used throughout the period. The advance of flushable toilets saw the elevated WC emerge and the bathtub stood as the centrepiece of the space. Outside of fixtures, the Edwardian’s had a particular preference when it came to colours and patterns throughout their bathroom too.

Pastel colours were commonly used such as primrose yellow and green as a combination and blues and greens. Bathroom floor tiles during this time often had very intricate patterns and bathroom accessories were kept to a minimum to keep the space free from clutter. Some of the wealthier households had extra design features to style their bathroom further. This additional decor could include stained glass, sconce lighting, towel rails, and an ornate mirror, for example.

Many Edwardian style bathrooms today aim to celebrate the design ideas seen throughout the period. In fact, many people still love the classic layout and design that an Edwardian bathroom has over contemporary bathrooms. Because of this, you’ll find that the Edwardian bathroom ideas are used throughout new builds too, after all, there is a timeless elegance that goes hand in hand with such bathroom designs.

Here’s a checklist of the fixtures and fittings you should include in your period style bathroom:

  • A grand bath – bathroom design ideas at this time usually centred around a big free-standing bath
  • A high-level toilet – toilets usually took up the entire wall space and were flushed using a chain from above
  • An angular pedestal basin – for an Edwardian style bathroom a geometric full-size sink is needed
  • Ornate light fittings – lighting was important for Edwardians and, because of this, they often had sconce style lights
  • Tiles for flooring – patterned tiles added decorative appeal and are as charming as they are today

The decor was usually kept minimal in an Edwardian home, however, there were ways in which designers would bring about an extra appeal. If you want to add some decorative touches in your own classic style bathroom, here’s some advice:

  • Pastel colours – Edwardians favoured light, airy colours such as pastels like primrose yellow or neutrals
  • Space furniture out – clutter was despised during this time and all bathroom design ideas needed to be neat
  • Period features became a focal point – large bay windows were emphasised in bathrooms
  • Wallpaper was in – in Victorian and Edwardian bathroom designs wallpaper was commonly used
  • Mirrors – outside of fixtures, decorative accessories such as ornate mirrors were used
  • Tiles – floral patterns were in and repeated patterns too
  • Towel rails – these smaller details added extra charm and completed bathroom spaces

As you can see, there are many elements that should be thought about when creating your own period bathroom. There’s no need to include everything in the checklists above and sometimes budgets won’t allow such expenses. However, with the main fixtures checked off, you’ll be on your way to creating that classic look that is as stunning today as it was centuries ago.

Different types of Edwardian Styled Baths

Edwardian bathrooms always had a bath as the focal point of the room. Free-standing baths with bath feet were found in many bathrooms and they were admired for their curvaceous style associated with luxury. At the time, these baths were likely constructed out of cast iron or enamel, today the most common material for a bath is acrylic. Here’s an overview of the baths that are fit enough for royalty and would have impressed Edward VII at the time…

Free-Standing Bath

The free-standing bath exudes absolute luxury and was crucial to complete any period bathroom look at the time. These baths would carry a similar design which offered a good amount of depth and were finished with claw feet. Edwardians appreciated pastel shades such as duck egg blue, greys, greens, and light neutrals, because of this many tubs at the time were also coloured.

A free-standing bath stood as the main focus in a bathroom design and was associated with class. The more impressive bathtub you had in your interior, the more wealth you had too. Incorporate this Edwardian style free-standing bath into your own period bathroom to complete the look.

Royce Morgan

All period bathrooms require a bath and if you’re looking for a model that exudes opulence, take inspiration from this stunning design. Perfect for an Edwardian bathroom, the Royce Morgan Crystal White free-standing tub is a piece of statement furniture guaranteed to impress. Traditionally designed, the slipper shape offers ample depth and width while the white colour is a timeless option.

The Edwardian style bath is ideal for any period bathroom suite and will complete your look fantastically. It also boasts exceptional thermal properties, ensuring that heat is retained when in use so you can truly relax for as long as needed.

Edwardian Sinks and Basins

When seeking design ideas for an Edwardian bathroom, this fixture should never be overlooked. There were three design properties found in these fittings at the time and these were refinement, angular shapes, and statement-making. The combination of these three made for the ideal fixture and added to the elegance of the overall space.

You’ll find some beautiful Edwardian designs below to help you create your period bathroom design. Of course, bathroom fixtures these days are far easier to install than they would have been back in the Edwardian times. With this said, the right style of bathroom sink can really complete any Victorian or Edwardian look. These fittings aren’t intended to be a statement in the bathroom but rather be in line with the other fittings in the space.

Burlington Basin

The Burlington product pictured is reminiscent of many Edwardian bathroom designs. With a traditionally angular shape and a pedestal, this design is crafted using fine porcelain for a luxury finish. Edwardian bathrooms would usually have the sink placed adjacent to the toilet for convenience and this design is slim enough to fit in even the smallest bathroom space.

Extra wide and with a geometric style, opt for this product to complete your period bathroom look and, moreover, to celebrate that classic Edwardian design.

Burlington Edwardian Cloakroom Basin

For those that are looking to bring an Edwardian style while working with compact bathroom ideas in their home, this could be the ideal choice for you. Perfectly shaped with no curves and instead geometric lines, this product is sure to bring about opulence even in a small space. Despite its petite size, the Burlington Edwardian cloakroom design has the right finish and features that give it a definite Edwardian style.

The neutral white colour and materials used, inclusive of china and brass, ensure that this choice is also practical for any bathroom. Easy to install and requiring minimal plumbing work, no design fits better for the Edwardian scheme than this design.

Edwardian Toilets

When it comes to toilets and the Edwardian period, the flushable toilet became commonplace in many homes across England. This invention brought about more styling options for toilet seats and the cistern itself. Today, the Edwardian toilet is characterised by a geometric statement design. Here are some options for your own period style bathroom. Choose the right bathroom fixtures and you’re already halfway to creating the bathroom design of your dreams.

Always ensure you enlist the help of a professional when it comes to plumbing work if you have no experience yourself. Plumbing work in bathrooms can be both expensive and time consuming which is something you likely want to avoid.

Close Coupled Standard Toilet

This Edwardian toilet carries so much character in its traditional design, making it ideal for any period bathroom. If you’re working with a smaller bathroom design, this high-level toilet is also extremely compact thanks to its slimline qualities. With a dark wood toilet seat, the contrast between dark and light brings about a stunning look. When considering toilet seats for an Edwardian bathroom design, wood was commonly used and is still seen as a desirable material today.

Burlington Medium Level Toilet

This Burlington Medium level toilet is very similar to many Victorian designs and would look the part in any Edwardian bathroom. Of all the bathroom products, toilets carry a lot of potential when it comes to getting the overall look of a space right. Bringing about period class effortlessly, when looking for toilet ideas for your own bathroom, this is a design certainly worth considering.

Edwardian Styled Furniture

No bathroom is complete without furniture both for practicality and style. For an Edwardian style bathroom design, you should focus on finding furniture that doesn’t have too much detailing. Edwardians favoured dark wooden statement furniture but they also valued simplicity. Clutter was always kept out of sight throughout interiors to keep a maintained appearance.

When furnishing your period bathroom look for design ideas that utilise the use of wood such as a duck egg vanity. Remember that, furniture ultimately adds the finishing style to your bathroom space and should be considered just as important as the rest of the bathroom design.

Old London Twilight Blue Vanity Unit

If you want to bring about elegance in your bathroom design, there’s no better way than to incorporate marble. While marble wasn’t commonly used throughout Edwardian bathrooms, the grandeur that it adds can really complete any period bathroom. The Old London Twilight blue vanity unit uses calm hues and a convenient design that would have fit in perfectly during the Edwardian era.

The classic vanity is compact enough for a smaller bathroom while keeping all the qualities that you’d want. Painted a stunning twilight blue shade, this is an ideal unit for any Victorian themed room too. You’ll be able to store away all of your bathroom necessities without cluttering the bathroom fixtures. For Edwardian bathroom design styling, this is the ultimate piece of furniture that you should definitely consider.