Electric Showers – Save on Money & Not Style!

Stylish Electric Showers

Powered ShowerElectric showers are nothing new in the world of showering yet they continue to be an extremely popular choice for people’s bathrooms. We are seeing a growing trend for people wanting to achieve a separate shower enclosure in their dream bathroom. Manufacturers of the best electric showers have massively improved the style of them so that they fit in with this demand for a luxury shower area. Think sleek, minimalist and slim line units which feature thermostatic controls and different shower head settings. These modern style units perfectly match contemporary design and function.

If you are looking to change your current shower or you are planning your dream bathroom then an electric shower might not have been what you had in mind. So let us sway you to consider an electric shower that won’t just save you money but will still fit a range of luxurious bathroom styles.

Why Choose an Electric Shower?

Triton Aspirante
Not everyone who plans to create their dream bathroom has the luxury of an endless budget. It is not just purchasing luxurious bathroom items that can be costly but also the running costs of high powered showers need to be considered! You wouldn’t want to end up with the most fantastic shower that you could only use on rare occasions due to the high cost of powering such a shower.

Lower Purchasing Costs

Pound Coins
Typically electric showers are cheaper to purchase than the more expensive power showers, digital showers or the uber cool shower towers. We offer an electric shower from top brand Triton from around the £100 mark and Mira who are one of the most popular shower brands in the UK also have this sort of figure as their starting point on their own range. Of course there are more expensive options for those looking to spend a bit more on this luxury item.

Lower Running Costs

Electric Shower Function
Electric showers give you the best of both worlds – not only is the initial purchase price lower than other types of shower but they tend to be cheaper once you have them installed too. Electric showers work by heating up the water as it passes through the shower unit. This means that you don’t have to rely on hot water being available or of course paying to heat up this water! This helps you to save money on your energy bills as you need not pay to heat up water that you then may not use.

The added bonus of a shower that doesn’t rely on a hot water boiler is that should you run into problems with your boiler you will still be able to use your shower and enjoy a warm shower all year round!

Reduce Water Usage

Low Flow Shower
You will find that your electric shower will use less water than a mixer shower as the flow rate of most electric showers tends to be slightly less powerful. Also electric showers are very quick to get to the correct temperature meaning that you don’t waste water waiting for your shower to get to the required temperature. This makes an electric shower very beneficial to people who are on a water meter.

Of course as with everything in life electric showers aren’t flawless commodities! They are generally slightly less powerful than other types of shower and are best for homes that don’t suffer with a low mains water supply. They also used to be an unattractive style of shower but the modern designs means the new range of electric showers can fit the most minimalist of contemporary bathrooms or shower rooms.

What Stylish Options Are on Offer?

In most modern dream bathrooms a separate shower is high on the wish list and a sleek shower unit is therefore a priority. Modern electric showers are much more slim line than they used to be as are the associated shower riser arms and shower heads. The shower units are able to fit more seamlessly in with your bathroom design and lots are available in a stylish chrome finish.

Mira Galena BlackIf you are looking for a stylish electric shower with all the most up to date modern functions then we have a couple of ranges that will grab your attention. One of our top selling ranges is by Mira who are market leaders for showers and their Mira Galena offers a fabulous thermostatic electric shower which features several different coloured fascias to match your bathroom perfectly. Choose from light stone, metallic silver, black flock and slate effect to best suit your bathrooms decor. The controls are smooth chrome dials which give a chic look to the shower unit. This stunning electric shower has proven to be very popular with our customers for both its varied style and fabulous features and of course performance.

Triton Aspirante Sand
For a similarly stylish range check out the Triton Aspirante range which also features different colour effects on the units to create a unique look for your luxury shower enclosure. Also available in a variety from sand to grey and black this contemporary unit oozes minimalist style.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a good range of electric showers available to suit every budget and fit in with every style of bathroom. Offered at competitive prices with the latest in modern design advances these electric showers can make a big impact in your new bathroom.

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