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Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

En-Suite The way houses are built has changed over the years and now almost every new home is being built to include an en-suite bathroom or at least a small cloakroom suite downstairs. En-suites and cloakroom suites can have a dramatic effect on the property value because they can add between five thousand and fifteen thousand pounds to the house value. These rooms make life easier because they are handy to have especially when you have a family and everyone’s fighting about who is going to have the shower first. Do you like the idea of adding an en-suite or cloakroom to your own home? Then read on for our ensuite bathroom designs that will help you ensure you achieve the best from these smaller bathroom spaces.

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas: Considerations


Cloakroom SuiteOften people ask “what is it I should have in my bathroom when I am updating it?” It’s a personal choice what goes in your bathroom and it should include all the items you desire to suit your needs and anyone else that would use the en-suite. Simply having additional toilet facilities will add value so we suggest you plan this space for your own needs and not what you think you need to include. If you still don’t know what you want in your bathroom there is always suite package deals available online which are always good because they can offers discounts. Shower BathEn-suites are not your main household bathroom so they can be very basic by including just a toilet and basin with a vanity. Most of the modern en-suites include a shower enclosure or if the room is large enough, possibly a bath with a shower screen, adding the arrangement of the bath with a screen is like adding two features into the en-suite.

Shower baths are becoming more popular in smaller bathrooms as they satisfy the needs of both bath and shower lovers. Be aware of the space and make sure you measure carefully what you can actually fit in the space comfortably. Planning out what you are to be doing will save you time and money, also if you look in to buying bathroom items online you will definitely save money.

Size of Bathroom Suite Items

It’s mainly about the size of the room you have whether you can fit various sized bathroom items or certain bathroom products into the room. You will find as you browse through bathroom products and furniture that the cloakroom products and furniture are generally smaller, this is only because of the obvious smaller size in the room compared to a full sized bathroom. The cloakroom of a house maybe small but that does not mean it does not deserve the attention like your main bathroom or en-suite. The truth is it does because people often fail to realise that the cloakroom is the toilet which guests in your home would use if they needed to use a toilet. Corner Toilets

We have a great range of small toilets available which will perfectly suit these cloakroom or en-suite bathroom areas. Don’t fear just because they are ‘small’ they are not miniature versions! Small toilets purely have the smallest possible dimensions for a regular adult toilet such as short projections into the room and smaller pan sizes. Different types of toilets will suit the cloakroom too such as corner toilets which use the unused area of the room or wall hung toilets which trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger by giving you more visible floor space.

Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

Small Basin You will also find similar rules apply with our range of small basins with both corner and wall hung styles available. Again these cloakroom basins are simply built to smaller dimensions without altering their usage. Adding a small vanity unit in an en-suite can also be invaluable as it gives you somewhere to hide away any toiletries and spare toilet rolls. Keeping these spaces clutter free will help to keep them appearing as spacious as possible. If you are really struggling for space in your cloakroom then then a toilet with built in basin might be the answer. These clever units combine a toilet and basin by placing the basin above the toilet cistern to really maximize the space you have available!


Vitra Sunrise The style of your space is entirely up to you and we often find these areas are the spaces people dare to make a bit of a style statement. Because these rooms are hidden away from the rest of the home you can really let your inner designer run free using bolder colours or patterns than you would elsewhere in the home. In fact a funky cloakroom will get your guests talking and wishing they could be so brave! The style of the suite items are also massively varied so that you can keep things bang on contemporary trend or opt for a more classical look. We would suggest for en-suite bathrooms you keep the style close to the bedroom with which it is accessed from so that the rooms flow into each other seamlessly.

Bathroom Lighting

Mirror The lighting in cloakrooms or en-suites is not always the best because of the situation of the room in the house. The natural light is hard to come by in small rooms with some having no natural light at all which is why using light coloured products in your cloakroom is useful such as a white set consisting of a basin and toilet. A good useful tip if you have a small en-suite or cloakroom is to use a mirror on the wall which can give the appearance of the room being larger by reflecting any natural light around the space or reflecting the white of the suite items. So there you have it follow our ensuite bathroom ideas and you will be able to create a perfect small bathroom space to be proud of.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a huge range of products that can help you achieve this. Browse online and you can start planning that new bathroom space today.