Essential Heated Mirrors, great for the Winter

Essential mirrors now available at Bella Bathrooms to help you look your best when you wake up on the morning. Mirrors are a vital aspect to any bathroom suite as they help spread light and add luxury features on the wall. Our mirror range is extremely diverse and we sell a wide variety of styles and designs to help you gain the best look for your own suite. We sell Illuminated, LED and Backlit Mirrors perfect for rooms that suffer from a low level or quality of natural light. For many home owners, light is useful when needing to get ready on the morning. Light produced from these mirrors is also great for room design as they can transform a lifeless room into a wonderful masterpiece.

Heated MirrorWe sell heated bathroom mirrors that are perfect for the quickly approaching winter. Mirrors often suffer from condensation and results in a restricted view for home owners. The special designed mirrors are designed to eliminate all obstructions which is especially important when needing to get to work on time. These mirrors all come in a unique design and style capable of creating an ultimate luxury piece. As well as mirrors featuring special features we also sell regular round and rectangle mirrors for home owners wanting a basic, more traditional style. Our products are from the finest bathroom manufacturers in the UK and all contain a guarantee to ensure you gain the most out of your product.