Renovation Series: Bathroom Lighting Design

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Bathroom Lighting Design

How to Correctly Light Your Room:

Many people often overlook the importance of choosing the correct lighting for their bathroom space but if you follow these simple bathroom lighting ideas you will be amazed at the difference it can make! Read on to find out the ideal bathroom lighting design styles:

  • Make sure you choose light fixtures which will compliment the rest of your bathrooms’ design.
  • Try to provide additional lighting in the areas of the bathroom which are furthest from the natural light source.
  • If your bathroom has no natural light then a powerful main ceiling light is a must have!
  • Choose a dimmer switch for one of your bathroom light fittings so that you can adapt the lighting to meet your needs.
  • Invest in bathroom mirror lights to ensure you have the ideal task lighting.
  • Aim to highlight any recessed areas so that no dark areas are created in your bathroom with cleverly positioned downlights

Small Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Design – Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Best Way to Light a Small Space:

There really are many ways you can use light, both natural and artificial, to get the most from your small bathroom space. Small bathrooms can be more difficult to light correctly as they are prone to shadows – ideally as with all bathrooms the aim is to create a discrete fusion between relaxing and functional light. Follow these handy tips and you will be able to make your small bathroom feel more spacious than you could ever imagine;

1. Don’t Choose Large Ceiling Lights

Avoid large chandelier style light fittings as they can be too imposing and will make your bathroom feel smaller. Instead opt for recessed lighting such as LED spotlights which sit flush with the ceiling.

2. Add a Mirror

Adding a mirror to your bathroom will to help reflect any natural light around the space. Opt for as large a mirror as possible and if you can position the mirror at the furthest point from the natural light to maximize the illusion of space. If the wall opposite the natural light isn’t suitable use a combination of mirrors in the bathroom so the light can bounce around the space.

3. Opt for a Frameless Design

Choose a frameless shower enclosure or bath screen so that any streams of light are not interrupted.

4. Choose Light Colours

We know it isn’t exciting but white reflects light better than any other colour so give your bathroom a fresh look with a lick of fresh white paint. Alternatively opt for similar neutral tones for both the wall and floor so visually nothing in particular breaks up the space creating a seamless design.

5. Select Reflective Surfaces

Choose any countertop surfaces carefully and again pick white or neutral tones which will reflect the light back up best. Shiny surfaces always help to make a space feel bigger than it is so avoid a matt finish on these surfaces too. Chrome accessories can also help to give your bathroom a gleaming appearance.

6. Avoid Shadows

Finally for the ideal task lighting in a small space opt for eye level lighting either side of your mirror so that shadows don’t fall over your face.

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Just because your bathroom is small it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the lighting you choose and create an area that appears more spacious than it actually is!

Affordable Lighting You Will Love!

There is a truly vast selection of bathroom lighting now available from energy efficient LED spotlights to the classic bathroom ceiling lights and even chic enhancing shower downlights that you are spoilt for choice when choosing the ideal bathroom light fixtures. Lighting your bathroom correctly can really help you to enhance your space. Here we have picked 4 different types of bathroom lights which will make a stylish and valuable addition to your bathroom without costing you an arm and a leg!

This blog post is part of our exciting Renovation Series which is full of inspiration and advice to help you improve your own bathroom space. If you have missed either of the first two blogs in the series then you can access them below; Part 1: Bathroom Storage Ideas & Solutions Part 2: Bathroom Mirrors Please feel free to comment below any other useful tips or ideas you may have that we haven’t mentioned!