Festive Touches for your Bathroom

Festive touches for your Bathroom

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s not just your living areas that can benefit from a festive makeover – your bathroom suite would look great with a few seasonal touches too. From towels to soap, there are plenty of options to inject a little bit of Christmas magic into your bathroom so have a look at these suggestions and let us know what you think.


Everyone wants to have a clean and fresh smelling bathroom and that’s where festive scents come in. Not only is pine one of the main ingredients of most bathroom cleaning products, but you can also invest in a couple of scented items that will add even more of a festive fruitiness to your room. How about choosing a spiced air-freshener for the festive period or lighting a cranberry and cinnamon scented candle when you sink into your bubble bath?

Bella Bathrooms Festive Touches


Simply changing a couple of your usual products in the run-up to Christmas can make your bathroom more festive. Try using a berry-burst bubble bath, or choose a festive bath bomb to make your soak even more luxurious. There are plenty of Christmas hand-soaps available in the shops at the moment, so choose one with a cute festive bottle and a gingerbread scent to bring a touch of festive fun to anyone who visits your bathroom during the season.


Invest in a couple of red or green towels to hang in your bathroom during the month of December. Guests will enjoy drying their hands on a fair-isle patterned hand towel and the whole room will feel more festive as a result. Another accessory that is often over-looked is the rubber duck, and we’ve seen a few snowman and Santa ducks around this year (even a duck nativity set!) so it’s a good idea to head to the shops and buy one or two seasonal bath toys. The little ones will thank you for it as it will make bath-time more fun over the coming month and the ducks can sit on the side of your bath when not in use to make the room look festive.

Bella Bathrooms Festive Touches


We’ve already talked about scented candles, and lighting a few candles in your bathroom will increase the festive ambience of the room, making each bath you take even more relaxing and magical during the Christmas period - perfect for unwinding and de-stressing after a long day of Christmas shopping! Choose candles with a festive patterned holder, or sit tea-lights inside a lantern with star cut-outs which will project a glittering night sky onto your bathroom ceiling as you chill out in the bath.

What do you think of these ideas for adding a little festive magic into your bathroom this December? Tweet us @bellabathrooms with your own ideas for bringing Christmas into the bathroom and we’d love to hear your suggestions on the best scents and products to use so please get in touch!