How To Get Your Bathroom Ready For Easter Guests

Whether you’re sharing your home with guests and relatives this Easter, or simply inviting a few friends over for Easter eggs & dinner, you’ll want to ensure that not only your home is ready, but also your bathroom. A clean bathroom is always appealing to your guests and shows that you take pride in your home. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your bathroom is as welcoming to your guests as you are.



This may seem like an obvious one, but cleaning your bathroom should be the first place you start when it comes to preparing your bathroom suite for Easter guests. If cleaning is the only thing you have time for, you would still make a great impression. We recommend you don’t just stick to your usual cleaning routine though - have a think about what your guests are looking at while they’re visiting your bathroom. Does that skirting board need wiping? How about grime on the taps? Just a bit of extra effort makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning.



While you’re cleaning, take time to put everything back in it's appropriate place. Shampoo bottles lying around looks messy, so put them in the vanity unit, or your bathroom storage. Throw out any empty bottles, recycle cardboard loo-roll centers and remove used toothpaste tubes, and be sure to replace towels, and straighten them up neatly on the towel rail. We've written a whole post on bathroom organisation tips if you fancy a read.


Bathroom accessories are often the perfect finishing touch when it comes to preparing your bathroom for guests. A luxurious hand wash or soap will be a great addition to your sink and you can even buy coordinating soap holders, pump bottles and tooth-brush pots to create the impression of a bathroom makeover. We have an affordable collection of stylish soap dispensers here that we know you and your guests will love!



A pleasant smelling bathroom is always a must. Pick up a new candle in your favourite scent before the Easter weekend, and light it for a few hours in the bathroom before guests arrived. You're guaranteed to get compliments, and your guests will appreciate the effort you've put in.



It may feel like a hassle, but now is a really important time to ensure things in your bathroom are working smoothly. Whether it's the bathroom lock, tightening the taps or removing limescale from the shower head. Take 30 minutes to 1 hour to check things are in place, and fix them as necessary. Your guests will appreciate a fully functional bathroom they can enjoy whilst visiting.

What niggling jobs have you been putting off that you’ll be tackling before guests arrive this Easter? Make sure you don't forget the Easter eggs, too and let us know any tips you have yourself for preparing a bathroom for guests. Chat to us over on Twitter or in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!