Give Your Bathroom a New Year Deep Clean for 2016

Spending more time inside over the winter months can often turn our attention to home improvement. Of course we can’t always do all the things we might wish to do so you may have to shelve that new bathroom idea for now. However one thing we can do with the bathroom is make it look the very best it can do. Get your bathroom ready to sparkle in 2016 by treating it to a New Year deep clean!

How to Approach your Bathroom Deep Clean:

Modern Bathroom Suites

1.Empty the Bathroom

A good starting point is to clear your bathroom of all the mobile accessories such as the laundry bin, scales, toothbrush holder and any bathroom extras such as toilet rolls. It is also useful to empty the bin and remove any finished bottles or toothpaste etc to start with a blank canvas as such. Remove any bath mats or towels and pop them in the wash before you begin. This first step ensures that you are left with the bare bones of your bathroom suite to attack!

Shower Tray Drain

2.Start the Cleanse

It is often worth spraying your entire suite with your chosen cleaning products so that it has a chance to soak. This means any stubborn stains or spots should be easier to remove. It is also worth popping a bit of bleach around the rim of your toilet to allow it to soak. A handy tip is to place your toilet brush in the bowl too to help thoroughly clean the brush end which is often neglected yet can harbour a large amount of bacteria in your bathroom. It is also worth pouring drain unblocker down any plug holes to ensure that your waste water will drain more efficiently helping to keep your suite items more hygienic.

Glass Panels

3.Pay Attention to Glass Areas

Whilst your suite is soaking take to any glass areas in your bathroom and give them a good polish. This can include your mirror, any mirrored cabinets and of course the dreaded bath or shower panels which can get pretty grimy. Make sure you don’t neglect the window areas as these can be particularly prone to mould build up especially in bathrooms with poor ventilation. Clean glass can really make a big difference in your bathroom as it helps to reflect any natural light around your bathroom.

Shower Head Cleaning

4.Set to work on the Bathroom Suite

You can choose to carry this out in any order at all but it’s worth leaving the toilet till last and using different cloths/sponges for this. Whether you have a bath or a shower or both these larger items will take more time so are a good starting point whilst you are motivated to start! Give them a good scrub in and out making sure you rinse plenty of hot water down the plug hole to ensure the drain unblocker rinses through.

If you have a shower it can be quite easy to neglect the shower head but it is important in the bathroom to make sure you clean what cleans you! For tips on how to do this thoroughly you might wish to read another blog which details how to clean a shower head properly. Once these larger items are done move on to your basin giving it a similarly good scrub all round and rinsing through the plug hole to wash away any blockages.

Toilet Cleaning

5.Time to attack the Toilet

Probably the most important part of your deep clean is to ensure that the toilet gets a really thorough clean. The toilet is a mine of bacteria which it is important to keep on top of. Read our detailed post for how best to clean your toilet. Once you have cleaned the toilet use the flush to rinse through the toilet brush. Add a toilet fragrance to help keep it fresh and hygienic.

Towel Rail

6.Focus on the Details

To get your bathroom truly sparkling pay extra attention to details such as levers, door handles and most importantly the taps. Many modern chrome designs can really gleam and make a big difference to the overall appeal of your bathroom. Giving them a good polish can make them look like new and you will be pleased you took the time to pay attention to detail. You may also need to wipe down your towel rail or radiator to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Bathroom flooring

7.Finish with the Flooring

Nearly there with your clean and time to wipe your floor. It can be worth giving the floor a good sweeping first dependent on the type of flooring you have in your bathroom. Do your best cinderella impression and scrub that floor until you can see your face in it! Work from the back of the bathroom to the door so that you can keep it as clean as possible and allow for it to dry without smudging your hard work.

Bathroom Cleaning Accessories

8.Final Step

Once all the tough cleaning has been completed it is time to move those accessories back in the bathroom. Make sure you wipe these too so that a complete overhaul has been done. The addition of your clean towels and bath mats will finish off your deep clean perfectly.

Hopefully this blog has helped you plan your own bathroom clean ready to start 2016 with a shiny bathroom even if it isn’t quite the dreamy new one you wished for. We would love to hear your own bathroom cleaning tips so please feel free to get in touch on twitter or by commenting below.