Guide to Bathroom Taps

A tap is a type of valve most commonly used to control the flow of liquids; most often found in a Bathroom or Kitchen environment. The word tap is most commonly used within the British Isles and most of the Commonwealth, used for any everyday type of valve. In the United States the word tap is more commonly used when referring to beer taps, as they use the word “faucet” or “spigot” more often for “water taps”.

A customary design for taps is to have both a hot and cold handle mechanism to control which flow of water is active; however this is most common in older installations, particularly public bathrooms. These types of taps generally have their own output and handle per tap. It is common part of building code for the placement of the hot/cold taps to be specific, and not adhering to this code can often lead to exchanging of hot and cold water, often called “crossed connections” by plumbers. It is common within the United States for the hot tap to be on the left and the cold to be on the right; however this is often avoided by using a mixer tap.

Mixer taps are commonly used in many modern bathrooms. The way mixer taps work is that hot and cold water from the two valves are mixed together before reaching the output tap, allowing the user to create their own temperature by mixing together the two outputs. Generally this will consist of a single spout with two handles, although some modern mixer taps simply consist of a lever and a spout, attaining a sleek and simple look. This means the user attains a temperature by mixing together the hot and cold in one action and therefore it is much easier to find a comfortable temperature.

The design of a tap is an essential part of deciding which one you will be installing into your bathroom or kitchen and choosing one that suits your style or tastes can be tricky with the wide variety available. Taps used to be a thing of necessity, however nowadays they have become a thing of luxury. The ranges, styles, colours and various other elements available for you to customize and make decisions on have opened up a whole new realm of choices. With the option of a mixer tap, many taps now make the spout a feature and design it solely around the idea that the spout is a key feature and should be given the designers respect.

Damixa, a Danish owned company specialising in stylistically consistent Danish design, high functionality and user-friendliness have created a mixer tap that lets the water flow upwards. They have achieved this by creating an arm for the spout which can be rotated in several directions, as well as a rotating head that means the water can be outputted at various angles. Not only is it internationally recognised for its unique combination of innovative functionality but it has also won awards for its impressive multifunctional elements.

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