Heated Towel Rails

Ultra Heated Towel RailStepping out of a warm bath or shower can be very uncomfortable, especially in the colder winter months. Heated towel rails now provide you the luxury of a warm towel straight out of the bath or shower.  The heated towel rail provides much more opportunity than just heat, such as positioning and as a standard radiator is not required this will give you more space around the walls. The main advantage of having a heated towel rail is that it keeps your bathroom at a steady temperature and helps to keep the room dry, it also can be used the air out recently-washed items of clothing or towels.

Heated towel rails can vary in size depending on how many towels you need it to hold. Some towel rails will hold several towels and some will only hold one. Along with the size they can also come in many different styles, shapes and colours so that you can choose the right one to fit the style of your bathroom.

The two main types of the heated towel rail are the electric towel rail and the standard heated towel rail which runs of the central heating within your house, allowing you to adjust the temperature when you want. As there are two options when it comes to the heating this means that the heated towel rail is available to anyone. During the summer months heating elements are available for the towel rails making them independent so that they can still be used even if you are not using the central heating. If you wish to have both of these there is a Dual-Fuel option which combines the both of them giving you the heat you need during the winter months and the luxury of have it during the summer months. Out of the different types of towel rail the electric towel rail produce the most heat as the power is coming straight from the mains instead of from natural gas.

Electric heated towel rails are free standing and are usually fixed to the wall where it is then plugged into the mains. This type of heated towel rail can range from 150 watt heat output up to 600 watt heat output. The element that is provided with the electric towel rail allows you to easily control the heat output on up to 5 different settings depending on the type of element. As this type of towel rail is plugged into the mains there are no extra pipes required giving your bathroom a clean and uncluttered look.

Large heated towel rails such as the fuel power ones which run from the central heating may have to be not only fixed to the wall but also to the floor as they have to support more weight this can also lead to the advantage of been able to put more items on the towel rail as there is more support.

Heated towel rails are available in chrome, white and gold finishes, although some can be personalized to suit your bathroom. Heated towel rails are manufactured using soft steel, chrome or brass, although some manufactures may opt to use nickel or copper. Even though this product can be made with different material the most popular tends to be the stainless steel option from our range of heating options.