Help when installing a New Shower Tray

When buying a shower tray it is important to select an item that has a specific shape and size to suit and fit the type of enclosure you have purchased. It is important to get help when installing a new shower tray and although they should be installed by a professional as this will ensure that the tray is level and the water will deposit down the waste correctly. Although a professional is recommended for installation, many people might choose to install it themselves. Before this should be decided it is important for the person carrying out the task to know exactly what they are doing in order to limit the risks that can be caused.

When selecting your shower tray it is always a good choice to view how much space is in your room before purchasing. It’s no good buying a large tray for a small room as a lot of space will be sacrificed just for one item. It is also necessary to analyse the profile of the shower tray as some are lower than others therefore you need to leave enough room for the shower enclosure to fit or the shower head if it is to be installed high on the wall. When you install your shower tray you need to have access to the waste pipe situated underneath in case you need more room or need to cut a section. You should also make sure that the stray us water tight to restrict water getting under the tray that can damage floors and walls. If this happens, paying for the recovery will not appeal to you.

Shower Tray InstallationIt s also important to make sure your tray is level and securely fixed in place because the pipes are going to be running in the correct direction. Another advantage of a level shower tray is that water will run away quickly in the waste. Finally the best thing you can do for installing your shower tray is to always read the instructions fully as this can give you advice on the assemble and the sealants. At Bella Bathrooms we stock some of the highest quality shower trays available to purchase easily on our online website therefore finding the ideal product for you has never been easier.