Houses are Getting Smaller: How can you utilise the space you do have?

Bathrooms for Smaller Houses

The UK is in what many experts are calling a housing crisis, as the population soars and nowhere near enough new houses are being built. The new builds that are being built are considerably smaller than previous homes, and are much more expensive than property that size has been in the past. In light of this, many people buying a home - first time buyers or people wanting to move to a different area – are faced with tiny rooms, which is all they can afford in the housing market right now.

Some home owners, especially families, will be daunted by the size of these rooms and wonder how on earth all their possessions will fit in the house. Anxious they will feel cramped in their own home, they may even start to throw out beloved possessions – don’t do it! There are plenty of interior design tricks of the trade to open up spaces and make a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in any sized home.

Vanity Unit

Tips for Space Saving Ideas:

Always think vertically

To fully utilise space in a small room, you have to think vertically and look towards the ceiling; you can’t afford not to use that space. Whether it’s hanging art or fitting shelving, it is practical to use the entire wall and will draw the eye upwards, making the space feel more generous than it actually is.

Mirrors and glass maximise light

To make the most of a small space, you have to maximise the light in the room. This is easily done with reflections from mirrors and glass furnishings. Choose large, stylish mirrors and switch opaque or wooden furniture for glass – for example, a glass table or cabinet or hanging art and photographs in glass frames will reflect light constantly. This is usually most important in the bathroom, where space can be particularly limited and we have a great choice of mirrors on our website.

Consider furniture combos

When space is tight, especially in the bedroom, it may be a good idea to invest in folding furniture combinations. For example, a bed with shelves, storage or a folding desk underneath is a great idea if you need an office. This also works in the kitchen or lounge with a folding dining table, great for when you have guests and no extra room.

Eliminate Furniture

Rooms will look larger if they have a few bold large pieces of furniture rather than several smaller pieces. His will avoid looking cluttered, which is important in the lounge or living room. Eliminate any other furniture you can – fit TV’s to the wall to do away with the TV stand, buy wall lamps or standing lamps abolish bedside tables.

Work the closet space

Tight spaces often don’t have abundant storage, so you have to make the most of what you do have. Add another rail in the wardrobe to double hanging space for clothes. There are lots of storage solutions you’ll be able to find, that can hang on the back of doors and other areas. If you have an excessive amount of clothing or bedded and you really can’t part with it, place it in suitcases.

Moving into a house with small rooms can seem like an impossible task of shrinking your whole life. But once you get started, it can be easy with some logical solutions. Take a look at our wide range of cabinets & designer bathroom furniture here at Bella Bathrooms.