How Can You Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Steaming Up?

Picture the scene: you have just got out of the shower in a cloud of steam and you want to check your reflection, but you are forced to wipe away a thick layer of condensation first to even get a glimpse of your own face. When the mirror dries, it is full of smudge marks and grimy lines. Is it too much to ask for a steam free mirror? How can you prevent your bathroom mirror from steaming up whilst you are using the bathroom? In fact there are a myriad of ways in which this can be accomplished. Bella Bathrooms, with their array of different bathroom mirrors themselves have a number of solutions for anyone to try. All of them using household products and things you may just have lying around your bathroom.

Tips for Preventing your Bathroom Mirror Steaming Up:

Demistable Bathroom Mirror

Opening a window

The first thing to try, as obvious as it may sound, is opening the window. Instead of settling on your mirror, the steam will head right out of the window, leaving the whole room free of condensation. This method, however, has a slight drawback, in that it loses heat incredibly quickly, and in the cold months of winter when you are enjoying a warm bath, this is not ideal.

Shaving Foam

Shaving foam is a great solution to stop mirrors from steaming up, and you will most likely have a bottle of it lying around somewhere, whether his or hers. Apply a thin layer of foam all over the mirror and wipe with a dry cloth until completely clean. This method should work for up to two weeks, and when it starts to become less effective, simply apply the shaving foam again. Beware though: too much foam will leave streaks! Apply moderately and ensure it is all wiped away properly.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of those mystical products that seems to have incredible cleaning properties. Make a small mixture of white vinegar and water, half and half of each. Apply it with a cloth and wipe away with a different, dry cloth, until there are no marks and streaks. Using this vinegar method will work for just under a week, and while you’re at it, you can use this wonder-product to get other areas of your bathroom back to their sparkling old selves.


Another easily accessible way to achieve a steam-free mirror is to give it a little wipe with dish soap. Add a little bit of soap to a wet cloth, apply to the mirror, then wipe away with a wet cloth, as with the white vinegar. This method is slightly shorter than the rest, lasting only around a day, but it is possibly the easiest method.

New Innovations in Bathroom Mirrors:

Lastly, it is entirely possible that you should look into buying a new mirror entirely. If you feel like your mirror needs an update, perhaps the fact that it steams up regularly will be the final straw in convincing you to browse the mirror market. Many cosmetic bathroom mirrors nowadays come with demister pads, anti-fog coatings and other innovations which help it to stay clear in the steamiest of bathrooms. Some can even be used inside shower cubicles! If you are at your wit’s end with your steamy, streaky mirror, invest in a new one and enjoy a clear reflection no matter how hot the room is.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a wide range of steam free bathroom mirrors available for you to choose from if you decide a new mirror is the solution for you!