How Clean Is Your Bathroom?

How clean is your Bathroom

A new survey by Betta Living has found that women love to snoop around their friend’s homes and check out the cleanliness of their rooms when they aren’t around. The top method they use to perform their sneaky activities is asking to use the toilet to check out the bathroom and then tiptoeing around the bedrooms with the pretence of getting ‘lost’ on the way. Take a look at our tips to keep your bathroom suite in top condition and keep your friends impressed!

Simple Tips for Keeping your Bathroom Sparkling Clean…

How Clean is Your Bathroom

Compile a Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Every household needs a complete bathroom cleaning kit; a kit which will cut through lime scale, remove odours and get the room sparkling once more. But fear not – this does not involved expensive cleaning products or suspicious foamy substances that must be left for a week before cleaning off. Vinegar is one of the key ingredients which should be used in the kit. It has an acidic base, and can easily cut through grease, oil, grime and lime scale. White wine vinegar is an excellent choice because of its more delicate aroma. Bicarbonate of soda is also a staple component of the cleaning kit; it can be found in most supermarkets and is renowned for its ability to remove odours and get surfaces clean.

Lemony Fresh

There is a reason why a large number of bathroom cleaning products come with a citrusy aroma; lemons are a key cleaning item for taking care of everything from chrome taps to shower screens. Simply remove superficial gunk and dirt from the taps, baths and tiles with an old toothbrush, then rub with a lemon and baby oil for extra, long-lasting shine.

Squeaky Clean Surfaces

Mirrors, tiles and glass partitions should all be cleaned with a dedicated glass cleaner to prevent smudges, stains and marks. Cleaning these surfaces can even be carried out with diluted vinegar and scrunched-up newspaper for those who prefer the traditional methods. Mirrors can often fog up with the steam generated from showers and baths; once every few weeks, spray the mirror with basic shaving foam and wipe off with a flannel or towel. This helps keep fog away and prevents smudged marks when wiping away condensation.

Storage Space

It is one thing to ensure that the heated towel rails are sparkling clean, but this is all for nothing if the room is cluttered and messy. Ensure there is adequate storage for everything from dirty clothes and towels to toothbrushes and toiletries. If all toiletries have a place, it also makes it easier to assess what is running low when it is time for the weekly shop; an added bonus to being tidy and organised.

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