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How Long Does it Take to Fit a Bathroom?

Fitting a bathroom can be a strenuous and lengthy project. With this said, you may be wondering exactly how long it takes to fit a new bathroom suite. In the content below, we’re going to cover exactly how long it takes to install a complete bathroom. Because the installation of a new suite will impact your ability to use the facilities you normally would on a daily basis, it’s a great idea to have each step planned accurately to avoid prolonged disruption.

By setting yourself a realistic timescale in which yourself or the bathroom fitters will be working, it’s going to alleviate stress immensely. Dependent on your own experience of fitting bathrooms and the availability of the professionals needed, this timeframe can vary.

There are various factors to consider which will impact how quickly (or not so quickly) your bathroom is completed. From who is carrying out the required work to DIY, below we’ve detailed every aspect so that you can plan in advance and prepare in all ways possible. If you are wondering how long it takes to fit a bathroom, continue to read this guide.


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Factors to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Refurbishment

There are a number of different factors to consider when planning your bathroom renovation. When asking how long does it take to install a new bathroom, you should be sure not to miss any details out as this could cost you time and money later. Below you will find key factors alongside useful information in helping you to assess just how long your bathroom will take to be installed. From fitting a new shower to tiling the walls, timings should be considered so that you can get a clear idea of how long the project will take.

What is being fitted?

When asking yourself how long it will take to fit a bathroom suite, think about what is being fitted. Though this may seem like common sense, bathroom renovation costs will vary as per what is being installed. From shower enclosures and the shower head to extractor fans, the more that you have to install, the longer you can expect the overall installation to take. Other elements such as wall tiles can take quite a while, as can specialist decor such as vinyl flooring. No matter how much experience the bathroom fitter you choose has, there can still be unexpected delays if you are not concise in what needs to be fitted from the get-go.

Therefore, it’s always sensible to compile a list of what needs to be fitted into the room if you are replacing fixtures. By doing this you will get a clear(er) idea of how long it will take for the complete bathroom to be finished. Here are some of the fixtures that you may have lined up ready for installation in your new suite:

  • Baths
  • Showers
  • Basins
  • Tiles
  • Radiator
  • Extractor fan
  • Flooring
  • Lighting

It is important to consider each fixture and fitting to give yourself an accurate plan of timing. The most time-consuming tasks generally include fitting a new bath/shower as well as tiling which requires waiting for grout to dry.

With the points above (and any additional jobs for your bathroom) allocate time to each. If you’re not doing some of the jobs above, discuss with the relevant professional who will be able to quote a price and give a timeframe.

Once you have done this you can move onto the more precise planning of where you plan to situate the different essentials. If you are repositioning plumbing, this will need to be consulted with the plumber that is working with you. However, most of the time, the existing pipework structure can be used when installing new baths, a toilet, showers, and a sink. No electrical work should be attempted by non-qualified electricians, always choose the right professional electricians to help with wiring and other tasks in this category.

Who is constructing the new bathroom suite?

Who is going to be fitting your new bathroom for you? While on average it takes around 5 days for a bathroom to be installed, this is going to differ depending on the overall size. Bathroom fitters will certainly work fast, but sometimes you can save a LOT of money by choosing to DIY. Though a bathroom replacement may seem like an ambitious project to carry out yourself, it is possible.

There are different tasks that will be needed to fit your new bathroom which most commonly includes framing, plumbing, wiring, flooring, wall surfaces, cabinets and countertops, shower/tub fitting, basin installation, toilet installation, painting, and trimming. The costs of each to be carried out by fitters can vary but most of the time people choose to hire tradesmen when looking at both price and time.

Because of the time it takes to remodel your bathroom space with tasks such as plastering and tiling, you may be limited to how often you can work if you have a job already.

Busy homeowners are likely to struggle with finding the time for working on a new bathroom and this is where hiring tradesmen to do the job comes in. And, if you only have one bathroom in your home, you will need to hire pros as the facilities could be out of use for a long time otherwise.

We recommend choosing an expert for your bathroom jobs where you are not confident in your own abilities. Though it may be off-putting to hire the help of qualified builders and other tradesmen when it comes to extra expenses, it is always worth it in the long-term to ensure a complete quality finish.

Space and position of the new bathroom suite

Is your new bathroom going to have different positioning to your existing suite? If so, additional plumbing work and a full tiling job may need to be carried out. Bathroom suites come in plenty of different layouts and, depending on the size and fittings that you are installing, it can add time to the overall job. Always be sure to make a concise list of the different jobs needed for your new bathroom.

With a clear list of your bathroom refurbishment tasks, you will be able to map out the room properly and work out new positioning where applicable. If your bathroom is going to have a similar layout to its current structure and does not require any extreme building work, you are inevitably going to save time.

After you have planned out where the new positions are going to be for the tub, basins, and toilet, you can begin to estimate exact timings. In the next part of your plans, it is sensible to look at completion times for different aspects of renovations.

From hiring plasterers and other traders such as a plumber, to laying down floorboards and the sink, there are lots of jobs that must be ticked off. This part of the new bathroom planning can be one of the longest as there are both practical and technical aspects to be considered. By thinking ahead about how long it takes to install a new bathroom, you will ensure the job is done within a realistic timeframe.

How Long Does it Take to Fit a Shower?

Onto the exciting part of your bathroom – installing the gleaming new fixtures. Bathrooms need a shower enclosure, and once you have picked out your perfect enclosure it’s time to get the plumbing in place for the job. The average time that it will take for a new shower tray to be installed is around 8 hours, which includes a couple of hours to replace the shower unit and around 1 hour for the switch as well as tiling.

Depending on the shower cubicle that you have chosen, a plumber may be required to amend the water supply. This may involve a large amount of labour work depending on the job scale, therefore we always recommend searching for a reputable tradesman that can carry out the job.


How Long Does it Take to Fit a Bath?

The bath is the focal point of any bathroom but the task of fitting one comes with a lot of work. From the bath taps to the tiling surrounding the area, each aspect will involve different types of tasks. The tiles will need to be removed for the bathtub renovation which can be a DIY job but, again, if you don’t want to risk damaging the walls, it may be wise to use traders for the job.

Tiling can be one of the lengthiest parts of fitting a new bathroom and it can take up to a few days depending on the walls that need work on them. Sometimes walls will need a new layer of plaster, this can be particularly true if the previous plaster has been damaged.

On top of this, there is the precise grouting in between each tile which must be perfect in order for the tiling to be completed. Depending on the type of finish that you want for the tiles and whether the floor is being tiled too, this can further add to the time it takes.

Once the tiles have been fitted, next it is time for the bath to be fitted. Though the bath is generally easy to fit, pipework may be required for fittings such as the taps and more. Again, qualified contractors can assist with this job if DIY isn’t appropriate in your case.


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How Long Does it Take to Tile the Bathroom?

A full tiling job of a bathroom can take up to a day, however, this will depend on its overall sizing. For a larger family bathroom, floor tiles can take on average 6 hours to install and the same can be said for the walls of the space too. Sometimes the intricacy of the tiles can impact how long it takes to tile a bathroom too, as different tile cuts require particular skills.

If you have no understanding of tiling, you will require a tiler to carry out the job for you. Tiling walls can be a relatively quick job with all of the right preparation work done to a good standard. However, most people struggle to plaster to a good standard if they have never done this job before.

If you are looking to achieve a flawlessly tiled room, you should choose a tiler to do the work for you. The end finish will be worth it with walls to be proud of in your bathroom as a homeowner.


How Much Will it Cost to Fit a New Bathroom Suite?

Dependent on the level of labour required and tradespeople that need to be involved in your bathroom installation costs, prices can largely vary. You will find general information online that will give average prices of the tasks that fitters carry in bathroom installations, however, it is always recommended to get an exact quote.

This may require you to contact several tradesmen to ask what experience they have in fitting bathrooms and what they can offer in terms of timescales. Some builders have crossover skills which means they are able to complete various projects in the space from tiling to electrics, though most of the time you will need separate professionals.

From the floor to the show cubicle, the entire process shouldn’t be rushed. On average, a new bathroom installation will take up to a week though this time is variable. You can expect to pay anything from under £1000 (a budget cost) to £10,000 depending on the items you choose for your space and the different jobs required to complete the room.

If you are hiring pros to help you out with your bathroom renovation be sure to provide clearly what needs to be done and include everything that you can think of. We also recommend comparing different options to get the best deal for your circumstances.

Though bathroom renovation costs can be on the higher side, as an essential space in the home it is worth the investment in the long-run. For a quality finish across all of the different elements, look for an expert to assist. These types of projects should never be rushed as you will certainly benefit over time as you won’t run into problems or complications.