How Mixer Showers Work

The mHow Mixer Showers Workixer shower is one of the UK's most popular choices when it comes to finding a new shower for the bathroom that is suitable for all the family. They work by drawing water from both the hot and cold water supplies and blending it together to give you the perfect desired temperature. Mixer showers usually deliver high flow rates, making them a very satisfying shower indeed.

Mixer showers are perfect for homes that have hot water available on demand. Usually mixer showers are installed when the house has a combi boiler or hot water cylinder with a large capacity. The shower is fed by the hot and cold water supply and then delivered through the shower head. The majority of mixer showers are made up of a fixed head, either attached to the wall or ceiling, a diverter that can have the ability to alter the temperature and sometimes the water pressure as well.

In some circumstances, your mixer shower may require a shower pump to function to its full capacity. Shower pumps work by increasing the water pressure to your shower if the ground pressure is not high enough.

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