Money and a shower door

How much does it cost to replace a shower door?

Replacing a shower door is no mean feat. There are a variety of different factors which can impact the cost of installation, including what style of door you choose, what fitter you decide to go with, and how it fits into your overall bathroom design. Alternatively, if you feel confident enough in your DIY-abilities, you may be able to install a shower door yourself.

Here at Bella Bathrooms, we have a large variety of glass shower doors for you to choose from such as frameless doors, framed doors, swing doors, shower screens, and custom doors. Our custom doors tend are generally more expensive both to buy and install than pre-designed shower doors. This is due to the extra time that is taken to get the measurements of your bathroom absolutely perfect.

Types of shower doors

Frameless door

Our frameless shower doors range from £89.91 to £1,704.03. Frameless shower doors are very sleek and sophisticated, and often make bathroom spaces look more spacious. However, the installation of frameless shower doors can be quite a laborious process. Unless you are highly skilled in DIY, we would encourage you to seek out a fitter for installation.

Framed door

Our framed shower doors range from £327 to £1,008.33. Our framed glass shower doors come in a variety of colours and finishes that are sure to add a chic touch to any bathroom. Framed shower doors tend to be the cheapest to have installed by a fitter and are generally regarded as the easiest doors to install yourself.

Swing door

Our swing shower doors range from £122.30 to £962.68. Swing doors are perfect for making the most of a small space as they can create an illusion of roominess, regardless of the size of your bathroom. The assembly of a swing door is quite similar to that of a frameless door due to the precision required when fitting the hinges to the glass door.

Shower screen

Alternatively, you could invest in a shower screen rather than a traditional glass door. The screens are particularly suitable for wet-room style bathrooms. Our shower screens range from £48.72 to £1126.18. Our screens come in a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Custom door

We also provide custom shower doors via Lakes Bathrooms to create your perfect shower space. Our custom glass shower doors can be made to fit your bathroom’s exact measurements. Due to this, they may be slightly more difficult to install than other door styles and on average tend to be more expensive to install should you decide to hire a fitter.

Factors affecting the cost to install a shower door

Bathroom design

Your bathroom design can have an impact on the cost of installation. A custom door that has been made to fit your bathroom may cost significantly more to install than a ready-made shower door. This is because customised measurements are harder to work around than standard UK sizes and will likely take longer for your fitter to assemble.

Door size and type

The style of shower door you choose will have an impact on your cost to install. For example, frameless doors may be more expensive to install than other styles due to the precision required whilst fitting.

Glass type

Your shower door installation cost can also be impacted by the type of glass that your door is made of. The thicker the glass is the pricier the door tends to be which, in turn, adds more to the overall cost.

Other materials used

Depending on what other materials are used to create your perfect shower space, the price of installation may inflate. Additional material costs will naturally make installation more expensive than an installation which mostly just consists of fitting hinges to a glass shower door.


Fitting prices will vary from contractor to contractor. Contractors may also charge more for custom shower doors made to fit your own bathroom’s measurements as they can take more time to install. You can, of course, attempt to install your door by yourself, however, certain styles can be trickier to fit than others.

Average shower door installation costs

Depending on what fitter you go with (if you decide to hire one), as well as the style of door, bathroom design, and any additional materials used, the price of your shower door installation can vary.


How much does it cost to replace a glass shower door?

On average in the UK, it costs around £120 – £449 to replace a glass shower door. However, this can vary depending on the door type. For example, frameless shower doors tend to be more expensive to install than framed glass doors.

How much should a shower door cost?

It really depends on what you are looking for. Our shower doors come in many different styles and sizes. Here at Bella Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on our quality and affordability – our mantra is “if we wouldn’t have it in our own home then we don’t sell it!”. We have hundreds of glass doors starting at just £18.91 – we have a style for everybody, regardless of your budget.

Can I replace just the shower door?

If you have decent DIY skills, you could save yourself the cost of a fitter and replace your shower door yourself. However, certain styles are easier to replace than others. Unless you are extremely skilled in handiwork, we would encourage you to seek out a fitter when installing a swing or frameless shower door as these tend to be quite difficult to get perfect.

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