How to Clean a Bathroom

No-one really enjoys cleaning their bathroom suite but it’s still important that you do so regularly in order to keep the space hygienic, well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. By regularly dedicating time to keeping your bathroom clean, you can spare your fixtures from enduring hardships further down the road as a result of neglect. Here’s a few of our tips on how to turn this seemingly gargantuan task into manageable bite size chunks so that the whole process can be rather painless!

Get rid of what isn’t useful or beautiful

Your bathroom is a room dedicated to relaxation, cleanliness and hygiene. The products and items stored in such a room should fulfil either function. Anything that doesn’t should be removed and stored elsewhere. Don’t clutter sides and tabletops. Keep products and accessories to a minimum. Not only will your space look uncluttered but you won’t have to clean up so much residue or spillage.

Toilet Time

If your toilet is located inside your bathroom, pour some bleach into the bowl in order to provide a thorough clean. Rest your toilet brush inside the bowl so that it too can benefit from the intensive clean the bleach provides. You can also use vinegar and water for a less abrasive but equally effective solution. Adding a couple of drops of essential oils or fragrance can assist with diluting the intense smell! Leave the brush and bowl to soak and then give the toilet a good scrub down, also ensuring that you focus on the seat and the flush (often the area crawling with the most dirt!)

Bath TLC

Your bath and shower enclosure also require a little TLC. Don gloves and spritz some bleach or cleaning solution into the bath, or alternatively fill the bath with an inch of warm water and pour in a little product. Use a sponge or rag to assist with cleaning the sides and use a cleaning brush to reach concealed nooks and crannies that might be harbouring mildew and muck. Allowing the shower and bath to soak for a short while helps persistent stains come away more easily. Don’t neglect your shower screen or curtain either. The curtain can be soaked in the bath or placed into your washing machine – just don’t dry clean it! Screens and doors can be scrubbed down with product.

Think about the sink

Apply a small amount of product to a sponge or cleaning brush and scrub any grime, muck or toothpaste away. For hard to reach areas, such as lodged behind or beneath the tap, you can use an old toothbrush or even cotton swabs. Ensure that you aren’t using the same equipment to clean your toilet, shower and sink as you will only be transferring bacteria.

• Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Use a squeegee or rag to give your mirror a once over. Always be sure to dust the room and mop the floor and run a soapy rag over all surfaces and sides.

By focusing on your fixtures and remembering the intricate details, such as hidden hotbeds for dirt, cleaning shelves, sides and floors, your bathroom will be pure and pristine all in a day’s work!