How to Clean a Shower Curtain

So you’ve invested in stunning fixtures and decked your bathroom out with all of the appropriate accessories. You’ll soon find that without a regular cleaning routine, your bathroom can quickly turn from a safe haven into a germ ridden nightmare! Cleaning shower curtains, shower doors and screens is all a part of the necessary maintenance required to ensure your bathroom stays clean and in optimum condition. As one of the more pleasant jobs (well it’s better than cleaning the toilet!), we have the solution on hand so that you can keep your shower screen, curtain or door spick and span and in good shape.

Obviously slightly different steps are required depending on which shower enclosure you have, whether you have a screen, door or curtain but the key is to start as you mean to go on and ensure that you get into the habit of frequently cleaning. Preventative measures always work best as stains that are left unattended tend to grow increasingly stubborn and evasive.

Guide to Cleaning Shower Enclosures:

Shower Screens and Dirty Doors

Shower screens can become doused with water marks, lime scale and stains which look rather unsightly. Fortunately, screens are so easy to keep clean. Squeegees, mops, rags and sponges are ideal. You’ll want to apply a suitable cleaning product and run it over the entirety of the screen. Persistent stains will require some tough love and a little arm ache!

Discolouration that occurs at the bottom of the screen can be hard to reach but an old toothbrush with a dash of product applied is the ideal way to reach hidden nooks and crannies. Shower sprays, cleaning products, and homemade concoctions of water and vinegar are also highly efficient ways to clean and add a shimmering, good-as-new shine.

How to Clean a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains can be a little more problematic in comparison to their cousins, the shower screens, but that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless! People tend to throw out curtains when they get a little grimy but this is wasteful and unnecessary.

Remove your shower curtain from the shower rod and curtain rings and run water over the entirety of it. A scrub brush can be used to clean the inside of the curtain. You’ll be looking out for stains, mildew and soap scum primarily. Vinegar and laundry detergent can be combined with the scrubbing to polish off very stubborn stains and marks. You can also soak your curtain in the tub with a cup of bleach for around half an hour as and when needed.

It’s also possible to give your curtain a spin in the washing machine, especially if some marks are just not going to give. Cold water on a gentle cycle with a little bleach added to your detergent will do the trick. Let the curtain air dry (never place it in a tumble dryer) and continue to spray the curtain daily with a cleaning solution designed to nullify nasties before they can get a hold. If you can maintain this process daily, or every other day, you won’t need to worry about a big, thorough clean.