How to Clean a Toilet

It’s dirty work but someone’s got to do it! Maintaining the cleanliness of your toilet is absolutely essential. The toilet is one of the world’s universally most used (and abused) bathroom suite fixtures. If left unattended it quickly becomes an unhealthy breeding ground for all sorts of nasties. In addition it will create a generally unwelcoming space. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to keep your toilet clean. Follow our how to clean a toilet guide to have your toilet gleaming in no time!

How to Clean a Toilet – Cleaning Guide:

Initial Clean

You want to start work in a clear space so do away with anything that can infringe on your area. If you store or stash anything on or around your toilet, clear it away now. Bathroom toilets can be unsanitary environments so it’s essential to wear gloves to ensure that your hands can remain dry and clean. Plus they will be protected from any bacteria that they would otherwise come into contact with. If your toilet duties have been ignored for a while, a dust mask is useful at obscuring unpleasant odours.

Minor dirt can easily be disposed of by soaking a sponge or rag with hot water and running this over all components of your toilet. Be sure to wipe all areas including the rim, bowl and seat. This initial quick clean will eradicate surface dirt and penetrate the first level of grime.  However it is no replacement for the thorough clean to follow! How to Clean a Toilet

Intense Clean

One of the main reasons we begin to acknowledge that our toilets need some TLC is when we notice aesthetic signs of wear and tear, such as persistent, unsightly stains, rings and mineral deposits. These quickly give us a visual reminder that all is not well with our toilets. You’ll want to use a cleaner that has been specially formulated to annihilate such problems.

To Begin

Squirt the product into the bowl and ensure that it makes contact with the sides and the water. Take a break for a while because cleaners work best when they are allowed time to soak up the dirt and grime. Remember that every cleaning product is slightly different. Have a read of the instructions to see how long you may need to leave the product to soak for. In addition how much is suitable to use for a thorough cleanse.

Scrub Away

Toilet brushes are useful when it comes to reaching hidden nooks and crannies that resist a broader style of cleaning. Use the toilet brush in unison with your cleansing product to vigorously rub away stains, rings and mineral deposits. You’ll need to give it a hard, strong effort to wipe away very persistent marks. Make sure you poke your brush into hidden areas where a build up of grime and muck can accumulate inconspicuously.

Flush Away

Flushing the toilet after this process gives the toilet bowl a thorough rinse which will remove a lot of dirt. You should still be using your toilet brush at this time to help any stubborn dirt disappear alongside the powerful flushing mechanism. Highly persistent stains may require some patience and persistence. You may need to apply more cleaning product, scrub for a while and keep flushing. However all stains will eventually disappear.


Clean your entire toilet with a disinfectant. Not all germs can be seen. Pay attention to overlooked areas, such as toilet handles which are often dirtier than any internal part of the toilet! Voila! You are done. Hopefully you have found our how to clean a toilet guide a useful read. If you have any tips you would like to share please feel free to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.