How To Design Your Perfect Bathroom

Designing your Dream Bathroom

When designing your new bathroom, there are 2 vital things to consider. First of all practicality is the most important factor to consider. Since we use our bathrooms every day, it needs to be accessible and easy and pleasurable to use. Secondly, looks. You will enjoy your bathroom more if it looks exactly how you want it to, and with the help of new designers, your vision can become a reality with an impressive range of new bathroom suites now available here at Bella Bathrooms.

Why redesign your bathroom? Not only is the bathroom a vital room of any home after the kitchen, it also increases the value of your home and helps to attract potential buyers. Every aspect of your bathroom is important. From fixtures to flooring, everything must be considered when revamping your beloved bathroom.

If you are planning on selling your house, then think about what the buyers would want from a bathroom. They will always opt for a bath rather than a wet room. If you have enough space, why not go for both? If space is minimal, as is the case of most bathrooms, then the perfect solution would be a power shower over the bath for the best of both worlds. It’s crucial to consider the space in your bathroom. If you’ve got the space, think BIG. Try some double sinks and maximum storage space with some designer vanity units which save on shelf space in other places. Another key feature to any bathroom which is often forgotten is bathrooms taps. The perfect bathroom tap really does give the finishing look to any new bathroom. If room space is at a premium, then use every trick under the sun to make it seem bigger. Use bright lights, pale reflecting flooring and some large mirrors too. This creates the illusion of space in what is usually the smallest room in the house.

And finally, get the professionals in. There is nothing worse than making mistakes on your perfect bathroom when you try to fit it yourself. Plumbing, tiling and electricals all need a professional eye to do the work. Although this can be as expensive as installing a kitchen, at the end of the day the benefits will outweigh the costs if you get the job done properly. Always take labour costs account when you calculate the price of bathroom installations, and it’s so much better than getting a botched job done. Designer suites don’t have to cost a fortune to you have a bit extra to spend on some trustworthy plumbers, tillers and electricians.