How to Install a New Bathroom

Installing an entire bathroom by yourself is not an easy process. It most certainly is challenging and requires a sound knowledge of plumbing. Successfully installing your own bathroom can be highly cost effective but it is also advisable to have a friend assist you. If you feel that the install process is slightly beyond your capabilities, it is highly recommended that you call in the professionals for an efficient install. Even if you do not intend to pay a plumber to do the project, paying them for some advice is a worthy investment. Read our blog to find out how to install a new bathroom. By following our hints and tips, creating the bathroom of your dreams should be relatively pain free! The three key fixtures that most homeowners install are baths, toilets and sinks but of course, many other fixtures can be present also.

What is the cost?

Remodelling an entirely new bathroom suite usually sets homeowners back between £8,520 and £11,866. Renovations are a costly and time consuming process but they also add value to a home. As such, installing a new bathroom can be a worthwhile investment. Some people opt to remodel bathrooms themselves, however you could also scout for a professional plumber whom you trust. The process will be quicker and cleaner with their help. It is only worth attempting to install a bathroom entirely yourself if you have adequate knowledge of carpentry and plumbing. It’s important to consider your budget and which fixtures you wish to install. Both of these will impact on the money you choose to spend.

What are you hoping to achieve?

Most people have a solid reason in mind as to why they are undertaking this process. It might be create your fantasy bathroom, add clout to your home when it hits the housing market or to update it from dowdy to dramatic. It is useful to know what you are looking to achieve before embarking on the install process as this will determine what you do yourself, what you call in the experts for and the size of the job at hand.

Choose your guy!

Select a tradesman that you trust. Ask them questions and ensure that the two of you have come to an understanding. Contractors are often more than happy to provide a schedule and a walk through process of what should occur and when. Deadlines are often decided upon, although these may be flexible.

Focus on your Fixtures

Installing fixtures is a complicated process. Without a firm comprehension of carpentry and plumbing, it is easy even with the best intentions to mess it up. Whether you are installing a toilet, sink, shower enclosure or bath, all install follows the same process. Fixtures need to be hooked up to a water supply and adequately secured in place. How to Install a New Bathroom If you are renovating a bathroom and hiring contractors and tradesmen to assist, there are a lot of things you need to consider. You’ll need to first choose all of your furniture and your new bathroom suite, you must allocate where they will go and ensure there are sufficient plumbing options to accommodate them, you must order them and wait for them to be delivered, you must then hire the tradesmen and get them to come in and fit everything to your exceedingly high standards… it’s a long and often complicated process. Bathrooms experts Bella Bathrooms explain here what to expect when you are having a bathroom installed, and how you can make the entire process flow a little more smoothly… Preparing For Bathroom Installation

Preparing For Your Bathroom Installation

Firstly, before you rip out your old suite or before you start chipping tiles off the walls, you must be completely sure about what you want. You must know exactly what you want the room to look like and how you will achieve it. A lack of proper planning will mean more work for everyone involved, so have detailed plans for the layout of the room. Get a proper quote for the full installation, and ensure that you have secondary back-up furniture in case your dream bath is sold out and won’t be back in stock for six weeks.

Handy Tip

Remember not to hire any labourers or contractors until all of the bathroom equipment has arrived at your house, and is verified to be in good condition. Hiring builders or plumbers to come and fit your bathroom, only to discover your basin has been delayed or your toilet bowl has a chip in it will cost you money and the tradesmen time.

Once the work is under way?

Next, you must remember to hold your nerve. Watching a troop of builders head into your bathroom and hearing all sorts of worrying demolition-style noises can be nerve-racking, but you must have faith that your design will work out. Don’t worry about the mess – hire a skip for all fixtures you are discarding, see if you could sell others on, or even attempt recycling some items around the home if you are feeling creative. Keep hold of things like tiles that are in good condition, or old pieces of furniture that can be broken down for wood; they can be useful when carrying out DIY around the house, or for spicing up another area of the home.

And Finally

The bathroom installation process might be a long one. There is a chance that work could take a few days, if all the plumbing and electric wiring is in the right place and the refit is a basic one, but if there needs to be any work on the pipes, plumbing or wires, be prepared to sit it out for the long haul. You might need to ask a reliable friend if you could possibly use their facilities a few times a week until the bathroom is complete. But remember despite all the planning and choosing the ideal bathroom suite it will be worth it in the long run!