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How to Make a Bathroom Look Bigger

Whether you’ve got a small en-suite or you just want to make your existing space look bigger, it can be really hard to know how to make a small bathroom look bigger. However, here at Bella Bathrooms, we would consider ourselves experts on the matter. We’ve got a range of products and top tips to help your compact room look that little bit bigger.

From top interior design tips recommended by the best interior designers to storage solutions for your bathrooms such as medicine cabinets, we have a range of things to recommend when it comes to getting rid of clutter and giving your bathroom the illusion of a larger space.

Follow this handy article, which covers everything from floor space to natural light, for top tips on making your bathrooms look more spacious!

5 Top Tips to Create the Illusion of Space

Go big or go home, as they say – here are 5 tips to make sure your bathroom design is adequate for making a small bathroom look bigger. These tips will make your small space feel that bit larger, so they’re each a great way to add some space-saving and space-enhancing tips into your bathroom design. They’ll make the room look great, and they’ll make you feel great in the process.



1. Natural Light

The first key suggestion we’ve got is to utilise natural light as much as you can! Whether you’re thinking of how to make a small half bathroom look bigger, or you have a full bathroom to worry about, natural light is always a good way to go.

This tip will make a small bathroom seem larger because smaller bathrooms can seem dark, dingy, and generally a little cramped. A good level of natural sunlight will open your room right up, illuminating your bathroom fixtures and giving the illusion of a larger space. This can be done through a few different ways.

Firstly, you could survey your window setup and see how you can make your bathroom window designs more effective in displaying light. You could make your windows bigger, install an additional window, or even pop in a skylight.

This will make the room feel less like a small space. Bathroom designs always aim to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible – so ensure you follow suit for your home.

2. Keep All Walls One Colour

Our next tip from space-saving bathroom ideas is to use one solid colour across the walls of small bathrooms. Many opt for white when planning their powder room or shower space. This is because lighter colours give the impression of larger bathroom wall space, as well as floor space.

Coupled with natural light, our bathroom suites range offers many ideas to aid the effect of space into small bathrooms. We personally recommend that you use such light colour palettes when designing your small bathroom, as lighter shades such as beige or white can open that space up and give the effect of a light, airy space.

As we say, ensure you’re using one set colour across all walls.

3. Tiling

Our next suggestion will discuss how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tile. This incorporates several things in order to give your small bathroom an enhanced wall and floor space, through looking at the use of wall and floor tiles.

Firstly, whether you’ve got a shower enclosure or a free-standing bath, or you’re just looking for ways to jazz up the powder rooms of your home, you need to get those tiles on the walls reaching up to the ceiling. Extending tiles to this height, especially if you choose larger and lighter coloured tiles, give the effect of heightened space within the room.

In this way, your wall tiles eliminate any horizontal dividing lines. This, in turn, opens up space by making your ceiling appear higher.

This gives the impression that your small bathroom is a much bigger size. What’s more, using larger tiles and attempting to go full-tiled on the walls will also eliminate dividing lines. These lines typically section your walls up and will give them a smaller appearance.

Finally, our advice is to use a horizontal floor tile pattern to widen your floor space. Horizontal floor tiles are successful in making the room look less cramped, and making your small bathroom appear that much larger.



4. Back to Wall Furniture

Unsurprisingly, wall-hung furniture is another must. Having your bathroom furniture against the wall is quite an obvious one, but it’s true – it makes any small bathroom look larger because of the space it creates.

In order to get the bathroom of your dreams, transforming from a smaller space to a room with plenty of depth and extra space, wall-hung furniture is a brilliant recommendation. Whether you’ve got a bathtub in mind for your room, or you’re more after a shower cabin with a sleek, glass shower door, ensure your fixtures are on the wall!

Whether you’re opting for a pedestal sink or a corner sink, wall-hung features are key and are one of the best tricks for making your floor seem larger.

This should be an easy way to maximise the size of your bathroom if you’ve been following our other suggestions. For example, using lighter colours to enhance available space along your walls will allow you to use this wall space for storage – why not consider a shelving unit for your beauty products?



5. Shower Tips

Whether you know this or not, enhancing space can be done with your shower as well as furniture such as pedestal sinks! Choosing a type of shower, as well as the material of shower doors, can help to add space to your bathing room.

For example, it’s best to opt for a quadrant shower enclosure, infold shower, or even to have sliding doors in your shower. Better yet, you could throw out your shower curtain and replace it with a swanky glass panel.

A glass panel is a brilliant idea for enhancing the light in your shower room; glass as a material type is transparent, and will therefore reflect any incoming light across the room. This gives the impression of a spacious, airy room!

Extra Tips:


Of course, making your room design appear spacious might actually mean making it more spacious. Never mind a skylight, extra windows, or a wall-hung bathtub… get rid of that clutter! At this point, doing everything you can to increase the space of your bathing area has value; and it’s just common sense.

You could get clever with storage by looking at unique shelving units, a wall niche, or vanity units. This is especially handy if you want to add some accessories or decor in somewhere, as you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got plenty of cabinets or anything else storage-related, so you’ve got plenty of options across the room.



Use Similar Materials

As well as using the same colour paint for your paint job, it’s a good idea to use similar materials across the room. If you’re using a glass panel for the shower door, consider some sleek glass touches elsewhere in the room.

Like we said with arranging tiles up to your ceiling, one of the key tricks is to use similar materials all the way up to your ceiling so you can eliminate any obvious lines. If you’re unable to do this because, for example, you only have tiles around the bathtub or you have a half tiled bathroom, try to shade-match your paint to your tiling to provide a fluid, blended look.


What colours make small bathrooms look larger?

To allow your rooms to look a little larger, you’ll want to opt for lighter paint jobs from the door to the floor. The choice is truly yours, but to maximise the length and space within your bathroom it’s a good idea to pick neutral tones such as white, beige, and ivory.

This, in turn, will give you an advantage when it comes to planning other elements; as you can add pops of colour with accessories.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

Adding a high-class personality to your bathroom makes all the difference. When planning your renovation, from the surfaces to the fittings, there are a number of different actions you can do so that you have the choice of luxurious furnishings.

This opportunity goes hand in hand naturally with adding openness into the room; as you can contrast the lighter paint of walls and other corners of the space with accents and patterns given by accessorising decor. There’s truly a variety of stuff you can do, according to professional advice, in a bid to give a luxurious experience.

How can I make my bathroom look bigger?

We hope you’ve paid attention to the tricks and hints above, and have found some inspiration for your project plans. From adding a wall-hung bathtub or other furniture, to enhancing the space of your floor with larger tiles, there are lots of essentials you can look at in a bid to provide top-notch luxury, openness, and much more with your bathroom spaces. Just scroll up for another look.

Do large tiles make small bathrooms look larger?

A large tile design is a brilliant option for enhancing space within the room. Opting for a smaller amount of larger tiles, as opposed to a tile design composed of many small tiles, provides a lot more space to the unassuming eye – and will provide an experience of spaciousness right down to the edges of the room.