wet room Walk-in shower made of tile

How to Make a Wet Room and Install

Having a wetroom in your home is the perfect way to add some luxury, functionality, and hotel-inspired style to your bathroom. However, completely turning your bathroom into a wet room, or even updating your current one can be costly. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to avoid breaking the bank while still creating a fully functional wet room that looks stylish at the same time.

Below we have compiled all the information needed surrounding a wet room to help you decide on your next steps. From fitting the wet room shower tray to placing timber floor tiles, there are multiple considerations to make. Read on to learn more about how to plan and go forward with the installation of a new wet room in your own home.

Planning and Installing a Wet Room

Planning and preparation are key for all designs, inclusive of wet rooms too. In this guide, we cover the key points to help you gain an understanding of what steps must be taken in achieving your new wet room. These spaces are highly practical, particularly if space is limited and they make a great shower area for the whole family. Here’s how to get the steps right to create your own shower room with a wetroom floor.

Plan Thoroughly

It is easy to underestimate the work involved in the planning and installation of a wet room. Because the spaces are usually very minimal in their overall design, most people assume they’re easy to create. As a major project with various steps, creating a wet room is no easy task. Because of this, if you are doubting your own ability to carry out the tasks required (which we will go into more detail about), it’s a wise move to enlist the help of a professional.

The first step to bringing about your new wet room is to create a clear idea of the space. You should assess where the shower area will be and what you’ll need for space if items haven’t already been bought. Then there are also additional features such as flooring to consider and fancy aspects like underfloor heating if appropriate. Make a list and a sketch of what is required for your wet room.

Sloping and Drainage

In a wet room, the floor must slightly slope towards the draining point in order to keep the space clean and free from water damage. All of the waste water needs to be able to exit the room via a waste pipe which must be considered. If the plumbing in the existing space doesn’t allow for this, you’ll need to hire a plumber to make sure that the correct water pipes are installed in your wet room.


One of the most impressive features of a wet room is the superb tiling that can be seen across the floor finish and walls. If you are planning on tiling a large area of your wetroom, you can use affordable tiles for the majority of work, and choose more luxurious tiles for accents and centrepieces. By doing this you can benefit from saving money when creating your wet room and can still achieve a refined wall tiles style. There are a range of tiles to choose from for a wet room, including a timber floor and walls, with this said, choose tiles that are renowned for durability and easy cleaning.


Even in a wet room, heating needs to be considered. These spaces can become quite cold during the winter months due to their open space and the tiles in place. As with a traditional bathroom, you can choose a range of different heating solutions for a wet room. From underfloor heating to traditional towel rails that heat up, depending on your budget, there are numerous options. If you are trying to reduce the overall room cost, we recommend going for a standard heating choice in the form of a radiator which can be fixed to the wall.

Choose the Right Shower Enclosure

From the shower base to the shower drain, when choosing a shower enclosure for your wet room, you need to plan across all areas. The shower is going to be the main focus in your new wet room but there are technical points to consider too such as the drainage point, shower space, tanking kit, access, and the slope of the flooring.

Again, take precise measurements of your wet room and think carefully as to where the shower will be best placed. Though there are lots of great wet room ideas to take inspiration from, it’s important to consider practicality in your home too. No matter the price point you have in mind, you will be able to create the wet room shower the right way by planning with the considerations above in place.

Change the Shower Head

Switching up the type of shower head used in your wet room bathroom can help to bring about a luxury feel even on a budget. Shower water can fall in a range of ways and the addition of adjustable or rainfall showerheads can up your shower game significantly. Buying a new shower head for your wet room can be a quick way to update the overall design and give the area a revamp with minimal effort. There are lots of beautiful bathroom ideas to choose from, so why not improve your existing wet room today this way?

Decorating a Wet Room

While most wet rooms have a minimal and contemporary style due to their openness, it is still possible to make a shower wet room unique. If you want to create more of an industrial look, a concrete floor can be a great option or, if you are looking for more of a luxury floor covering, metallic tiles may do the trick.

Be bold with the decorative elements in your wet room and it will pay off. This can span the floor tiles and the patterns created in the flooring to the type of glass used for the enclosure itself. There are tonnes of stunning glass textures and finishes to choose from for your home, be adventurous!

Purchase Luxury Accessories

Are you seeking accessories that can change the look of your wet room dramatically without anyone having to take things apart or spend lots of money? If so, we have a few handy tips for your bathroom space that can change the overall look and feel of the space. Wet rooms may seem difficult to accessorise, but the truth is to make sure to treat the space as you would with a standard bathroom.

A rug can still be used in a wet room, though it should be positioned away from the shower drain in the floor. In addition to this, you can add shelves to the wall which double up for storage and the display of ornamental objects such as flowers. These simple touches can really bring about a wet room design to be proud of and they needn’t cost you much either. It is always possible to pick up bargain pieces for bathrooms.

Paint the Walls

A touch of colour can really uplift a space, and this is applicable to wet rooms too! If you want to go for a neutral palette we suggest choosing shades of beige, grey, and browns. On the other hand, if you’re not afraid to go bold, a striking orange or blue could really complete your wet room design.

For those that want to update existing wet rooms, consider picking up a brush and giving each wall a new lick of paint. The end finish is sure to be an improvement from its existing look and proves how simple updating interiors can be.


At Bella Bathrooms we’re all about providing you with the best products, at the best price. So we offer a wide range of bathroom sink units in all sizes and colours so you’re bound to find one to fit your needs. Establish the size of the vanity unit you would like prior to choosing the product for your wet room. This will be dependent on the size of your bathroom, and the number of items that need to be stored.

There are plenty of different options available for your shower area in a wet room, ranging from classic designs to contemporary space-savers!


There are so many styles of mirror available for your wet room. If you’re going for a modern wetroom you can even get mirrors with music, LED lighting, and heating systems installed. If you are more about curved edges and chic designs, our range of round mirrors are also available and look great in a wet room. Creating the illusion of a bigger wet room, you can create the feeling of more space without the extra cost.

Why Should I Install a Wet Room?

Still unsure as to whether a wet room is for you? Here are just some of the advantages that come with choosing to have a wet room in your home:

A contemporary look

Bathrooms don’t get any more modern than when they come in a wet room package. If you’re a lover of contemporary design, a wet room is going to be ideal for you. You can still customise every element by choosing different products such as the shower tray, shower drain, tiles, heating, lighting, and accessories. A wet room floor can look far tidier and neater than other types of spaces simply due to the amount of space and light they generally have.

Add value to your home

It’s no secret that renovating your home is going to increase its value overall. In the case of having a wet room in your home, you will be appealing to a range of buyers who will see a striking design before them. Wet rooms have tonnes of appeal and are highly practical spaces. Long gone are the days of sitting in the bath with a shower overhead, today wet rooms are more popular than ever!

Easy maintenance

If cleaning is a chore you can’t stand, you’ll be pleased to know that wet rooms are SO low maintenance. Yes, they still require regular cleaning of the wet room floor, shower drain, and general shower area but you will find yourself cleaning less often. These rooms are wet a lot of the time meaning that the whole space is generally clean with sparkling surfaces most of the time. You should still use cleaning products on areas such as the shower wall areas and flooring but you won’t need to scrub away for hours on end.

Design from scratch

Almost everybody dreams of designing their own interior and, with wet rooms, you can go back to the very basics to do this. Every aspect of a wet room can be fully customised, from shower enclosures to the shower screen you wish to use and the bathroom door too. While fitting a wet room is no quick DIY job, it certainly takes less time than it would when compared to fitting a traditional bathroom.


How much does it cost to make a wet room?

The price of planning and getting a wet room in your home can vary depending on various factors. Drainage is an essential component of a wet room and because of this, you may need planning permission and a plumber’s assistance. Always be sure to check the building regulations tied to your property before planning to go ahead with a wet room.

Plumbing is going to be the most costly aspect of wet rooms and second to this comes the different fixtures. Overall, you can expect to spend between £4,000 and £10,000. This includes plumbing, the floor, a shower tray, drainage, tiles, and decoration. Of course, if you can carry out the work yourself, you will save on these types of rooms in your home.

How do I turn my bathroom into a wet room?

A wet room consists of a shower area with drainage directly in the centre of the room. Because of this, the floor in wet rooms needs to be slightly sloped. While it is possible to renovate your existing bathroom into a wet room, this may involve considerable work. From positioning the wet room shower tray to selecting the right tiles for the floor, there are lots of things to consider. In order to replace your bathroom with a wet room, you will need a waste pipe and other technical fixtures. Be sure to follow the list above of what is needed before attempting to renovate the room yourself.

What do you need for a wet room?

For the wet room’s set up you will need the following fixtures and fittings:

  • A shower tray
  • A shower
  • Format tiles
  • Tile adhesive
  • A drain
  • Grout
  • A toilet
  • Adhesive
  • Cleaner
  • Storage
  • A screen or glass
  • Building tools
  • Pipework
  • Sanitaryware
  • A door

Is a wet room more expensive than other bathroom suites?

Wetrooms can usually be a lot cheaper than a classic bathroom suite, however, drainage installation can be quite costly. You can find wet room kits to buy everything that you need for the area from the floor tile grout to the drain for waste water. By purchasing a kit, you can save a considerable amount while still bringing all your ideas to life. As mentioned throughout this guide, the drainage is key for a wet room and is something that must be prioritised. Without a proper drainage system, you risk water flooding into the rest of the home and creating issues with floorboards.