How To: Organise Your Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet is the functional hub of the whole bathroom. It holds everything from spare razors and emergency shampoo, to tweezers and beard trimmers, via toothbrushes and bars of soap. That’s a lot of personal hygiene equipment – so how do you keep it all neatly organised? In this blog, the team from Bella Bathrooms to offer their expert advice on how to organise your bathroom wall storage cabinet quickly and efficiently whilst complying with any budget. Read on to find out all about our bathroom cabinet storage solutions.

Bathroom Cabinet Storage Solutions:

Organise Your Bathroom Cabinet

Introduce Separators

One of the first tips you can take on board, is that the vast majority of bathroom cabinets need separators. Of course, everyone has a shelf or a little section to themselves. However with some handmade separators everything can be divided up into sections, and will therefore appear tidier. Cut up an old cardboard box and re-purpose it by covering it with decadent wallpaper or wrapping paper. Choose from patterned or plain paper. It is best to choose colours or styles that fit with the theme of the bathroom. Simply slot them into the cupboard for easy dividers that will help keep the deodorant separate from the hairspray, and the shower gel separate from the conditioner.

Hang Flannels

If you have a lot of flannels, perhaps one for each member of the family? Or a lot of brushes and make-up accessories? Then invest in a cheap, small door hanger. Choose a miniature version of those usually used for coats and bags, and clip it to the inside of the cabinet. Hanging flannels like this not only helps to prevent the spread of bacteria, it also allows them to air and dry when they’re not in use. Similarly with brushes, leaving them on countertops or pushed up against other products in cupboards when they are not in use can spread germs. Make sure you hang them up or place them in a pot upside-down to keep them in prime condition.

Hair Styling

If you are someone who stores their hairdryer, curling tongs and straightening irons in a cupboard in the bathroom, ensure that they are stored safely, with all wires wrapped up and not tangled around one another. Attach plastic cups or holders to the back of the doors in each cupboard. They will safely hold hairdryers, tongs and irons whilst keeping them organised and not allowing their wires to intertwine. Other accessories like nail trimmers and eyelash curlers can be hung on tiny hooks in the cupboard. If you have any circular eyeshadow pots that are on their way out, hollow them out, clean them, spray paint them white. You can then fix them to the inside of your cupboard. This will create a perfect place to store hair grips and ties.

Handy Tip!

Lastly, organisation doesn’t just stop at having a place for everything. You must ensure everyone in the house knows that place, and not just you! Show all family members your newly organised bathroom storage solution and ensure that they know what goes where, to keep the cabinet in tip-top condition.

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