How to Seal a Bath with Classi Seal

How to seal a Bath with Classi Seal

Classi Seal® is a professional, patented waterproofing solution applied by hand to the wall facing sides of shower trays or baths prior to installation. The inherent flexibility of the product can accommodate 15mm of movement, making it equally suitable for new build, repair or renovation.

Classi Seal DiagramClassi Seal® consists of a blue flexible upstand made from ethylene polypropylene diene monomer (EPDM) and a modified butyl rubber adhesive.

The EPDM is extruded with an integral anti-stretch glass fibre reinforcing strip. This aids the speed and ease of fitting, and also allows for subsequent manipulation in the corners to assist with the tiling operation.

You can shop online to find the different size options available in this fantastic sealant.