Hudson Reed Shower Valves – Understanding the Different Types Available

Hudson Reed Shower HeadHudson Reed shower valves are a stunning range but where do you begin? Understanding the different types of shower valves can be a bit of a mine field when it comes to picking the perfect companion to your luxury mixer shower. With single, twin or triple valves available in both concealed and exposed styles it can all seem pretty confusing. Hopefully we will be able to simplify the choices for you as we take a look at some of the options available in the latest range of Hudson Reed Showers.

Hudson Reed ShowerAs the popularity of the shower grows and grows so do the fancy accessories which accompany them. Hudson Reed is one of our most popular ranges for showers as people aim to create a luxurious shower space in their home. Their fabulous range includes various accessories such as body jets and additional handsets to create a dream showering space in your bathroom. Shower valves help you to control both the flow of the water and the temperature of the water plus diverters allow the connection to these additional outlets so that you can choose which outlet you wish the water to come from. They provide you with the means of controlling your ideal shower experience.

Making Sense of the Different Shower Valves

Understanding the different types of shower valves will help you to make the correct choice for your shower space. Hudson Reed offers you the latest styles and shapes in their valve collection to make them the perfect addition to your bathroom. If it all sounds a bit confusing then read on and you will find it’s more straightforward than it seems to pick the perfect shower valve!

Single Shower Valves

Hudson Reed Single ValveThese refer to valves which control a single overhead shower. They feature a single control which will give you the control over both the temperature and the flow of the water. The Hudson Reed Tec Manual Shower Valve finished in chrome is a stylish valve unit which creates a simplistic finish in your bathroom.

For people who enjoy a more powerful shower the sequential style shower valves are more suitable. With these the flow of water is either on or off once turned to on the further you move the lever round it only increases the temperature of the water. These again will add a simplistic style to your shower enclosure. These single shower valves are typically cheaper to purchase due to the fact they are only going to control a single outlet.

Bar Valves

Hudson Reed Quadro Bar ValveAgain this style of shower valve will only control a single shower accessory however these give you greater control over the type of shower you experience. The sleek looking bar valves has two separate controls, one on either end. One controls the flow of the water and the other controls the temperature of the water. This allows you to create a shower that best suits you with free rein of the two elements.

Hudson Reeds bar valves offer a classy finish for your shower enclosure. Check out the Hudson Reed Minimalist Quadro bar shower valve to add a chic geometric look to your shower.

Twin Shower Valves

This is where explaining the shower valves can get a little confusing as twin shower valves are available with or without diverters! The twin valves without diverters are still just for controlling a single shower outlet but the twin control gives you a separate control for both the flow of water and the temperature. This is ideal if you prefer a more powerful shower than your partner as you have greater control over the shower effect you produce each time.

Hudson Reed Twin ConcealedIf you have more than a single shower outlet then the chances are you will require a dual shower valve with a diverter. So if you are lucky enough to have an overhead shower and an additional shower on a riser rail you can use the diverter to select between the two. The other control will alter the temperature and flow giving you further variety to how you enjoy your shower. If it’s quite a gentle waterfall effect on the overhead shower then you might want to switch to the handheld shower to rinse your hair or have a more direct pressure on a particular area of your body. These really provide you with a flexible shower set up as they can be used with body jets too.

Hudson Reed IndusHudson Reed never fails to impress with their innovative products and these shower valves perfectly compliment the fantastic shower range they have. If you like simple minimalistic styles then the Hudson Reed Indus Twin Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve with Diverter will fit right in to your contemporary shower enclosure.

Triple Shower Valves

If that hasn’t totally baffled you then the triple shower valves will be a breeze. Again we have the differentiation as to whether the triple valve has a diverter or not. The basic (not really anything basic about it!) triple valve offers you separate controls for the flow and temperature of the water plus it can operate two separate shower accessories either together or separately. This multi functional valve means you can have it all when it comes to luxurious showering. The Hudson Reed Traditional Triple Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve will add a lavish look to a more opulent shower enclosure.

Hudson Reed Triple ExposedThe triple valve with diverter is king of kings when it comes to shower control! Not only do you have the separate control for flow and temperature of the water plus operation of two separate accessories together or separately but it also allows you to a third option such as body jets or a rain bar and even to a bath filler. You will feel like you have the ultimate in control with this fantastic showering set up. And what speaks luxury more than additional body jets which can be massaging or invigorating for various areas of your body?

Concealed or Exposed Valves

Now we have puzzled you with the different types of shower valves there is one further dimension to add to the mix! The style of the shower valve you choose can also alter and its purely personal preference as to which you select.

Hudson Reed Twin Valve ConcealedConcealed Shower Valves These refer to shower valves where the controls are visible but the associated water outlets and pipes are hidden behind the shower wall. These will suit people who are looking for a more minimalist modern look in their shower enclosure. The only down side of these is that you have to have the room to create this behind the shower wall in a recess which is not always possible.

Hudson Reed Twin ExposedExposed Shower Valves These shower valves tend to be slightly more traditional in style as both the valves and the pipe work are visible within the shower enclosure. The upside of these are that they tend to be cheaper to buy and easier to clean as you don’t have to unscrew anything to get access to the valves.
There truly is a large array of shower valves available from Hudson Red and we are sure whichever you select you will not be disappointed with these fabulous products.

All You Need To Know About Hudson Reed Shower Valves – The Technical Stuff

Hudson Reed Triple ValveHudson Reed is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers when it comes to showers and the shower valves they produce are of the highest quality. All of these thermostatic shower valves are offered with a 20 year manufacturers’ guarantee which tells you that they are built to last. They also feature TMV 2 Certified Anti Scald Technology which ensures that your shower maintains a pre set temperature even when other appliances which use water are in use throughout your home. This is a valuable feature especially for families who want to ensure that young children won’t be scalded by a rise in water temperature. If either of the hot or cold water supplies fails the valves will automatically shutdown the water supply which is another beneficial safety feature. Manufactured here in the UK these shower valves are straightforward to install into any shower enclosure.

So there you have it hopefully you know enough about shower valves to make an informed decision about which is the best option for your bathroom! Hudson Reed is always at the cutting edge of modern bathroom design which is evident with the fabulous range of not only shower valves but showers and indeed all things bathroom. Check out our huge range here at Bella Bathrooms and make your bathroom dreams a reality.