Huge Selection Heated Bathroom Towel Rails

Heated Bathroom Towel RailsIf you are looking for that little extra luxury in your bathroom you might want to look at heated bathroom towel rails. Heated towel rails are great for giving you a warm and welcoming bathroom for a luxurious bathing experience. Heated towels rails are available in a range of styles and finishes from the more standard ladder rails to Reina’s collection of designer radiators and towel rails. Going for the standard ladder towel rail will mean that you will be able to achieve the luxurious environment for minimal cost. However if you are willing to splash some cash and want to stand out you might want to have a look at designer radiators which are available in a range of unique designs.

If you are looking for warm and luxurious towels straight out of a bath, heated towel rails are the perfect choice.  Heated towel rails are available in range of finishes and heating options with the choice of either electric only or duel fuel. Radiators on the other hand may not allow you to hang towel rails unless the option of a built in rail exists, they are more suited to warming your bathroom and household providing you with the luxurious environment. Designer radiators are commonly available in a range of eye-catching designs making them perfect for any modern household whether for bathroom use or general household use.

If you need a little help to decide which heating option would best suit your bathroom then check out our heating options blog post.