Improving your bathroom suite can be as easy as changing the taps: a step-by-step guide

There are many reasons to make home improvements in the bathroom; perhaps you’ll be hosting special guests in the near future, you may be wishing to spruce up the house ready to put on the market, or maybe you just think you deserve the very best. Bathrooms can be the deal breaker when it comes to buying a house, but whatever the reason for the desire to improve your bathroom suite, it is simpler than you may think. Read on for our in depth guide of simple bathroom improvements.

Making the bathroom look more attractive doesn't have to be a colossal task; you don’t have to do any remodelling or spend excessive amounts on new fittings. People expect pure luxury in bathrooms these days, which is easy if you know how to create a relaxing ambience in the décor. From the taps to the tiles, here are a few essential starting points:

Step by Step Improvement Guide:

Improving your Bathroom Suite

Upgrade all taps

The taps are the first place to start when trying to improve the look of your bathroom and you will be spoilt for choice with our large range. They have probably been in your bathroom for years, and won’t be looking their best or glistening, so upgrading the taps is a great way to improve your bath and sink without fitting a whole new bathroom. Modern, shiny taps will go a long way to make your bathroom furniture more special.

Fresh lick of paint

Sticking with the same colour or choosing a brighter colour scheme, give the walls a fresh coat of paint to liven up the room. If you have furniture or shelving in hard, paint resistant materials then why not paint them too? It will completely update your bathroom and illuminate the space.

Replace scruffy tiles

Old, chipped, dull or dirty tiles are a big no-no if you’re trying to sell the house. In many bathrooms tiles make up half of the walls, so they are extremely noticeable and should set the tone for the whole bathroom. A current trend is using larger slabs of stone or marble instead of small ceramic tiles, to re-create a spa-like retreat, and you will find plenty of this style of tile in our designer range. This clean and contemporary look is great for large rooms, but be careful in smaller bathrooms when choosing the colour of the slabs, as you need as much white as possible to open the space.

Matching accessories

To truly spruce up the bathroom you need to throw out all of your mismatch accessories including toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and random patterned or coloured towels. If you've decided on a fresh colour scheme, then stick with it and invest in matching bathroom accessories and towels to complete the room. If you don’t have a specific colour theme, then monochrome or bright white room trimmings will look clean and inviting.

Shower fixtures

People now pay as much attention to showers as they do to baths, and there is a growing trend to make them as spacious as possible – sometimes big enough for two. While you won’t be installing a brand new shower enclosure, you can update the fixtures and accessories to make it more appealing. If you have a shower curtain, make sure it is a white or light colour and the rod isn't rusting; these aren't expensive to replace. If you’re budget can stretch a little, invest in a glass shower screen instead of a curtain. This will make it look newer and give a modern feel to the whole bathroom.