Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

It is odd to think that using the bathroom can be pondering moment of beauty. There are places in the world with amazing scenery. People travel around the world see the beauty the world has to offer, this leaves designers and building architects with new opportunities to take advantage of eye catching views. After seeing an article in a newspaper about these toilets with spectacular views got me interested so I researched more of these amazing sights.

The idea was inspired to send a message and promote 'change'. The message try's to improve sanitation because it will help put a stop the spread of disease. All the sights I have come across on the internet are unique in every possible way, apart from the fact you’re using the toilet. I thought I would share my findings with you so you could follow in the footsteps of others when revamping your bathroom.

Namsan Tower BathroomThis is a public restroom in Seoul, South Korea. This photo is taken from them Namsan Tower where the bathroom views are that popular it is advertised in the elevators. The view is of the city, Seoul and looks spectacular on an evening due to the city lights down below.

Mount Everest ToiletLiterally on the edge this photo is taken en route to the Mount Everest Base Camp. We have a Photographer from Australia to thank for this image. The stop off place is wisely placed using the slop from the hill side to its advantage.

Desert ToiletThe Namibian desert is home to this unusual location for the WC. NamibRand Nature Reserve houses this WC unit however it doesn’t have a lot of privacy but I am sure the open view makes up for it.