How To Install Underfloor Heating In Your Bathroom

As add-ons go, underfloor heating in your bathroom is probably one of the wisest home investments and one that we sing the praises of time and time again. Tackling the British winter chill and miserable mornings is immediately rectified with heated flooring which makes getting in and out of the shower a much more pleasant and rejuvenating experience - and even has the potential to slash the expense of your heating bills. Sounds like a bit of a win-win to us!

To make your home feel more comfortable, welcoming and modern, we’re going to show you how to install underfloor heating. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it! It may sound complex, but doing it yourself can actually be quick and easy if you do it right. Remember – if in doubt, there’s always a professional to call out! Don’t attempt any DIY project unless you feel completely comfortable doing so, and ensure you have all the right equipment to finish the job.

How do I install?

As long as you have some basic DIY expertise, you should be fine doing the majority of the installation yourself. With electric underfloor heating systems, you need to lay a flat base which is usually an insulated wood board. Then, simply roll out the heating mat and fix it before laying your flooring on top in the usual way. We recommend getting a qualified electrician to check over and approve the final installation, and carry out the final connection. For wet underfloor heating systems which are connected to the boiler, extra steps need to be taken and we’d recommend contacting a plumber. Electric systems are easier to install and have the added benefit of being on a different connection to the rest of the house’s heating.

So there we go, it’s as simple as that – you’ll have toasty toes after every bath and shower in no time at all! Another huge advantage of installing underfloor heating is that it requires virtually no maintenance at all. There are no moving parts which will need replacing, and electric systems are designed to be extremely robust. Manufacturers expect systems to have a minimum life span of 15 years, and suggest they could actually last as long as 30 years. Many electric underfloor heating systems come with extremely long warranties of about 10 or 15 years – the one sold by Bella Bathrooms offers a 25 year warranty for complete peace of mind.