Introducing The NEW Moods LED Toilet Seat

Moods LED Toilet SeatContinuously pushing the limits of bathroom design, Moods bring you the incredibly sleek and stylish LED toilet seat at Bella Bathrooms. This innovative toilet seat is activated by both sound and light, so a simple gentle clap or click is more than enough to turn on the subtle LED night lights which will illuminate any bathroom during the night when a sufficient level of darkness is reached. Your toilet seat will remain lit for 2 minutes, until they eventually switch off automatically in order to conserve battery life.

This toilet seat requites 2 AAA batteries, and will improve the functionality as well as excellent atmosphere of your bathroom. The stylish, modern design is ideal for complimenting any existing as well as new bathroom space, and bring a sense of modern class to your suite.

Bella Bathrooms offers an impressive discount to transform your bathroom for less. Browse our extensive range of high quality and durable toilet seats and discover the right one that will add that all important feeling of comfort and relaxation to your bathroom. The Moods LED Toilet Seat is available at a great price, and also is fully backed by a 2 year manufacturers guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

Please note that batteries are required but not included with this seat, and will therefore need to be purchased.