I’ve Got No Cold Water – How To Fix It

It’s a disaster we all dread; waking up preparing to head to work and finding that there is no cold water. Did you know people having to evade work to wait for a plumber or engineer is a pretty common occurrence? And we’re sure that not everyone is pretending just to get a well deserved day off...

We’re here to introduce you to a few common conundrums and their causes and of course, how to rectify the issue!

Assessing the situation

  • If no cold water is coming through your taps at all don’t despair. It’s likely that the tap is faulty at the valve which is common in many different tap types. If you can still turn the stop valve to the on position, then it’s definitely the valve you want to look into.


  • If your entire house is deprived of cold water, you’ll want to see whether you alone are affected or whether it’s a neighbourhood wide calamity. Call up your next door neighbour to see if they are similarly affected. If both of you are adversely influenced, the likelihood is that the mains water supply in the local area is off.


  • If it’s only you, your water may have been turned off. You’ll need to inform your mains water board and contact an emergency plumber who may be able to advise further. With all water related issues, asking neighbours if they are also adversely affected is crucial as it enables you to determine whether the issue is localised to you or whether it is a neighbourhood wide concern.


Possible Solutions

  • It is possible that your mains supply may have collapsed. The mains water supply contains a stopcock. If the stopcock is passing water, then all is okay. If not, again your friend the trusted emergency plumber needs to be contacted to put things right.


  • It is also possible that you may have a water blockage behind your no water no show. Likely culprits include clods of earth. Again, the professionals will need to look into this as it can be a difficult and even dangerous job to rectify.


Call for help!

If you've gone through our list and still don’t know what to do, then yes you've guessed it – call the plumber. Plumbers know their stuff and they’ll give you the peace of mind to know that everything is running smoothly. It’s difficult to live without water, so make sure you have a friend or relative’s house nearby where you can go until the problem is fixed.