jack and jill bathroom in black, white and gray with two washbasins and big mirror

What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Have you ever heard of a Jack and Jill bathroom before? If not, we’re about to enlighten you on this popular bathroom design that is found in larger homes. A Jack and Jill bathroom may be the solution that you’re looking for if you are seeking to create an accessible en-suite bathroom from two rooms. By fitting a Jack and Jill door in two rooms, you can save on the costs of fitting an extra bathroom and create a central family room at the same time.

If you’re considering creating an en-suite extension, you may want to opt for a Jack and Jill ensuite after reading all about them. Here are all the answers to the questions that are on your mind about these bathrooms.

What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

First and foremost, let’s explain exactly what Jack and Jill bathrooms are. This type of bathroom suite design has two entrances and can be accessed from different points which adds convenience, especially in the case of a family home. By having just one bathroom you can utilise the space in the rest of the property and still benefit from a large bathroom to bathe, shower, and use the toilet in.

These types of bathrooms can be used by multiple family members at the same time for things such as brushing teeth as they usually have two sinks. The idea of two sinks still ensures that part of the bathroom belongs to one member but it avoids frustration over using the bathroom at different times.

With entry points from two bedrooms, a Jack and Jill bathroom is essentially a private bathroom for the occupants of each room. You can add storage space, vanity mirrors, a shower stall, and a bath into your Jack Jill bathroom floor plan just as you would with a regular bathroom.

Another name given to a variation of the Jack and Jill bathroom is a Hollywood bathroom which can be accessed from two bedrooms. However, there are slight differences in the overall floor layout as we’ll go on to explain.

The Benefits of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Despite the idea of ‘sharing’ a bathroom being off-putting for many, there are actually an abundance of benefits that come with this type of Jack and Jill bathroom. While the floor plan may seem less than traditional, here’s the advantages that you can expect:

Maximises space

Jack and Jill bathrooms are perfect if you want to maximise space, or rather save space in the home. By creating a shared bathroom for family members, you can create that dream office space or an art studio. In most cases, there is actually no need for two bathrooms in a floor plan as a Jack and Jill bathroom can prove.

Reduces bathroom costs

If you’re looking to save money when creating a bathroom floor plan, consider a Jack and Jill bathroom rather than two bathroom areas. As mentioned, you can still add in all the fixtures including a shower, toilet, bath, sinks, and everything else that you’d need. The cost of one bathroom that can be accessed from two bedrooms is far cheaper than standard bathroom installation costs.

Reduces maintenance

Having one bathroom’s issues flag up in a year rather than two is going to save you on maintenance costs. Bathroom repairs can be expensive, however, with a Jack and Jill bathroom you’ll be able to save on any issues should they unfortunately arise. You can also save on cleaning and maintaining the bathroom in general too. Less money to be spent on cleaning products such as mould remover for the shower means more to spend elsewhere!

Minimises water usage

Water usage can be reduced when a Jack and Jill shower room is shared by two bedrooms. While you may not save a huge amount, the saving will still be there and that’s certainly better than nothing at all. With two sinks you won’t actually be using any extra water and the same applies to a single toilet being flushed rather than two.


You may not think that Jack and Jill bathrooms sound particularly practical but the great news is – they are! Two sinks in one bathroom can reduce the amount of stress when getting ready for work, for example, or if you have guests staying in your home. Because the space can be accessed from two bedrooms, this means it’s quick to access the Jack and Jill bathroom as and when needed with no waiting around.

Encourages kids independence

A Jack and Jill bathroom is an excellent option for younger kids that have two bedrooms close by. By fitting this type of bathroom, they will still have the space that they need while being able to share the shower and bath, for example. Double sinks encourage children to take responsibility for washing, hair combing, and other things such as brushing teeth. You can add independent storage areas and vanity mirrors too in any Jack and Jill bathroom.


Still wondering whether a Jack and Jill bathroom could be the right choice for you? If so, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions with answers below for you! Read on to learn more about why you should think about having this style of bathroom in your own home.

Why do they call it a Jack and Jill bathroom?

The Jack and Jill bathroom is named after the well-known nursery rhyme for children that talks of two siblings. Because Jack and Jill bathroom designs are ideal for children in families, this is where the name has come from. Privacy is still in place with a lock on the different bedrooms entrances and the bathroom can be accessed from either side for total convenience.

Put simply, a Jack and Jill bathroom is simply named after the concept of 2 people using it at the same time. Another term for this type of bathroom with dual sinks could be a His and Hers or double vanity bathroom.

Are Jack and Jill bathrooms a good idea?

A Jack and Jill bathroom can be a brilliant idea if you are looking to maximise space and save on bathroom installation costs. When thinking about your real estate value too, this type of bathroom can certainly add to it. If you have two bedrooms that are occupied by children or you have guests over often at your place, a Jack and Jill bathroom can be a great solution. Both bedrooms will have access to one spacious bathroom which has all the amenities needed, including sinks on either side, a toilet, bath, and shower.

Families can find this type of design extra convenient as children can get ready for school in the bathroom while parents are getting ready for work. This saves time and can reduce stress quite a lot. If people need privacy when using the Jack and Jill bathroom, the entrances can be easily locked using locks which makes the design that extra bit appealing too.

If you are wanting to install an en-suite on a budget, consider this type of bathroom to save on costs. The cost-effective space will allow you to save money across multiple areas, from maintenance to only having to buy one bath. You’ll also save money on storage areas, accessories, materials, flooring, lighting, and showers too while adding value and convenience overall.

What do you call a bathroom with two sinks?

There are a few bathroom terms that are used to describe a bathroom with twin sinks. The Jack and Jill bathroom can be used to talk of this type of bathroom, while His and Hers is another way. Double sink vanity units in a bathroom can add extra storage space and convenience, especially for families or couples that live together. If you have guests sharing a Jack and Jill bathroom but staying in separate bedrooms, dual sinks can give an extra sense of privacy.

His and hers double basin vanity unit in a gloss white finish

Many benefits come with having more than one sink, with one of the main advantages being practicality. In a situation such as a busy Monday morning, getting ready quickly is easy with this type of bathroom as no waiting around is involved. Multiple users can access the bathroom from separate bedrooms and carry out their morning or evening routine.

What is a Hollywood bathroom?

A Hollywood bathroom may sound fancier than a Jack and Jill bathroom but it’s just the name given to a design with a separate sink and mirror outside. Like a Jack and Jill bathroom, the space can be accessed from more than one entry point and from either side.

People like this type of design as it can give the right amount of privacy while helping to utilise space in homes. Each of the 2 bedroom entrance that adjoins to this version of a Jack and Jill bathroom will have a door that leads to a half bath with a vanity and sink. Then there is a door that leads to the bath or shower area which ensures extra privacy where needed.