What Kind Of Bathroom Sink Is Best For You?

What kind of Bathroom Sink is right for you

Nowadays we are all pretty spoilt for choice. Even the most basic, functional and practical purchases can be agonised over with an endless plethora of fantastic choices for just about every single style, ambiance and atmosphere required. You can literally cultivate the bathroom of your dreams with effortless ease and with so many options available, you can’t really go wrong. Nonetheless, making the right choice can feel problematic unless you have an eagle eye for spotting compatible arrangements for your bathroom suite. We’re here to help make the decision a little easier.

Think about the size

We know that England’s palaces are probably fitted with some gloriously decadent arrangements but we also know that they probably wouldn’t fit in our bathroom. Make sure that you select an item that will fit snug in your bathroom. Many brands and companies now make the same basin in an assortment of sizes to cater to petite en-suites as well as large bathrooms.

What kind of style do you want?

For the most part, you have two choices when it comes to sinks; bathroom sinks that feature integrated faucets or sinks that make use of three-hole setups so that you can select your own fixtures. You’ve also got a variety of mounting options readily at your disposal including the drop-in, under-mount, one-piece, vessel and wall-mount.


When you select your mounting choice, you will also be opening up a world of options in terms of available materials. Chrome, brass, bronze, marble, copper, wood, porcelain – the options are endless.

The Look

We know that you really want to be able to fall in love with your bathroom which is why getting the all important look is so important. When decorating their bathroom, most people know what they are really after. You might hanker for old world, traditional bathrooms with cross-handle taps, virtuous Victorian looks or exquisite European style or you might have a preference for a look that’s ultra-modern, minimalist and contemporary with a swooping tap, delicately curved shape or tapering dainty design. Whether you are kitting out a family bathroom or couples en-suite will also determine what kind of look you are longing for. A lot of companies create fully-fledged suites designed to help you visually ascertain what kind of look or tone you wish to set and then providing you with the installs to do so. Incorporating an entire suite or mixing and matching across a variety are great ways to transport an idea into reality.

Just a sink?

Do you want your basin to simply serve one purpose, or tick a few bathroom boxes? Basins can be incorporated into existing worktops or you can purchase sinks with built in vanity cabinets to serve a 2-in-1 purpose. Now basins can also include storage solutions, so if you are short on space this is a great option.

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