Luxury Toilets – The Most Expensive in The World

The average person spends a total of 3 years of their lifetime on the toilet according to the World Toilet Organisation. If we compare this to the 35 days spent at the cinema it is quite significant! Especially considering the different seats common in both. Many cinema goers even take advantage of the spacious seating at a supplement on top of the regular ticket cost. So how important is it to be sat on a luxurious toilet seat rather than the plastic one that most people use on a daily basis when visiting the bathroom? Arguably should we not be spending more money on luxury toilets to ensure more comfort in the bathroom? Comfort, and convenience however, can come at quite a cost. Here, we review some of the most expensive and luxury toilets available around the world today. Be warned adding them to your dream bathroom wont come easy as they come with a pretty hefty price tag!

Luxury Toilets – Ultimate in Modern Design:

Inax $5900

Inax $5900The Inax, a US designed throne, is definitely one to look at if you’ve got some extra wiggle room in the budget. With a motion sensor lid action, heated seat, and music whilst you “go” it certainly provides a different experience to the average loo. It’s cleaning and drying functions are extremely handy. However, this loo is likely to set you back around 4 grand, so don’t get too comfy.

Neorest 600 by Toto

Don’t fancy the Inax? How about its Japanese cousin -the Neorest. Featuring air purifying technology, a wireless remote control and spacious seating. It is a loo most suitable for those who want to get comfortable. Throw in the automated lid, wash and dry modes and of course, temperature controlled seat, and it might be something you could imagine spending your money on! Successful actor and rapper Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz are owners of this high quality toilet. If you want to be like the rich and famous, get saving, this one will set you back about £4k.

Numi by Kohler

Numi KohlerAnother loo you may want to look at is the technology rich Numi, designed in the US by Kohler. This throne not only has a heated seat, but a foot warmer for those chilly mornings. With an LCD touch-screen interface, SD card slot and USB port, you won’t want to get off it! The Numi even comes with backup power so you can enjoy any form of entertainment, even if the power is out! This one will set you back nearly 4 and a half thousand pounds. Heard the saying “Time is money”? It seems we never have enough time nowadays. The world is extremely developed and fast moving now. Which is most likely why 75% of the British population use their phone on the toilet! Whether it is to catch up with business or friends on social sites. So if you feel better being productive with your time on the toilet then the Numi is ideal. Of course, all of these toilets pale into comparison when you look at the more opulent designs out there. If you’re looking for something spectacular that us mere mortals could only dream of, then read on!

Toilets With the Ultimate in Lavish Design:

Moon River Art Park

Moon River Art ParkComing in at around half a million pounds, this park features a unique bathroom constructed artistically within a cavern. These public toilets form part of the park where using the toilet is a tranquil experience surrounded by nature opposed to the usual bustle of public toilets. However, if you’re visiting be warned, queues are likely.

Hang Fung Gold

Hang Fung Gold ToiletThis Hong Kong bathroom has a solid 24-carat gold working toilet, which forms part of a solid gold bathroom. Costing over 3 million pounds, this luxury toilet will certainly ensure that those using it will be on their best bathroom behaviour. This is available for public viewing but protective steps have to be adhered so as to preserve the gold. Kim Kardashian is just one of the well-off celebs who has taken inspiration from this. She has renovated her home with the addition of gold plated loos.

Palm Jumeirah’s Underwater Bathroom

Palm Jumeraihs Underwater BathroomNot so much of an expensive throne, but the bathroom in its entirety cost a fortune, mainly as it’s built underwater. The two suites at Atlantis The Palm in Dubai allow toilet users to enjoy a calm relaxing view of ocean life whilst they use the facilities.

NASA Space Station Toilet

NASA Space Station ToiletAt a whopping $19,000,000, this toilet, whilst not built for lavish purposes (even astronauts have to “go”) features leg braces to keep the user positioned (it appears to get quite bumpy in space) and suction fans to ensure that any waste is sealed inside the tank. Finally, it contains a mechanism that allows faecal matter is purified to provide drinking water. The last point isn’t as disgusting as it sounds. Most tap water we drink is likely to have been through the bodies of 7 other people! Think these luxury toilets are a tad extreme? Well, it depends…some of them have been installed to service a particular need such as zero gravity. Others may be a chic accessory and others may provide technological advancements for those wishing to use them.

Special mentions….

It seems the Japanese can be classed as industry leaders for the most revolutionised luxury toilets. They have developed an incredibly more elaborate and modern toilet which incorporates medical sensors for users. This invention measures blood sugar levels, blood pressure and body fat content without requiring any additional action aside from urinating. Captive Media UrinalOn the other hand British company ‘Captive Media’ has built public urinals, currently in operation in south London which include pee-driven hands free gaming screens. We have an idea for their next gaming development that can be used on the toilet.  As a matter of fact we called it ‘The Game For Thrones’…

Next time you’re on the toilet at home, work or elsewhere, spare a thought; is this the best version of a toilet you could be seated on? Let your mind wander to the possibilities, because it doesn’t cost anything to dream about luxury toilets!