Let Your Bathroom Furniture Add a Splash of Colour to your Bathroom!

Add a splash of color to your Bathroom

Modern bathroom design has become all about clean lines and minimalist style. Coloured bathroom suites have also become a thing of the past with white ceramic and acrylic now leading the way. If you find this all a bit bland when it comes to designing your dream bathroom then fear not as trends are now leaning towards adding a splash of colour to your bathroom. We think a good way of introducing this is through coloured bathroom furniture.

Most bathrooms require bathroom furniture to add vital storage to your bathroom to help it remain pristine and clutter free and it is here that you can add a bit of flair to your bathroom if you are finding all the white a bit uninspiring. Add a bit of fun to your bathroom by introducing a touch of colour to your new bathroom or update an older bathroom with a piece of striking furniture that can become the focal point of your bathroom. Let your artistic flair run away with you with our fabulous range of coloured bathroom furniture.

What Coloured Bathroom Furniture is Available?

Neutral Tones

Tavistock Desire Bathroom Furniture
We appreciate that it is not to everyone’s taste to have a striking colour in their bathroom so we will take it easy at first! The introduction of neutral tones just a few shades different to white can instantly add warmth to your bathroom space. These soothing tones will keep your bathroom feeling a relaxed haven whilst breaking up the monotony of white.

The Tavistock Desire collection offers a range of bathroom furniture which includes vanity and toilet units in a soft putty shade which comes in a smooth satin finish. The 1950’s style inspired curvaceous style is eye catching and will help to add a subtle colouring to your bathroom.

If you dare to take this neutral shade a little further then we also stock the Ultra Design Caramel range which slightly darker tones will fit this perfectly. This range also offers vanity and toilet units in a sumptuous shade of deep caramel which comes in a high gloss finish. Adding these neutral tones to your bathroom can really achieve an attractive contrast to your room.


Moods Picasso Pistachio Bathroom Furniture
If neutral tones are not quite enough of a contrast then these pastel shades will take your bathroom colouring a little further. The Moods Picasso range has two fantastic shades of bathroom furniture to offer you that colour contrast to white bathroom suites.

The Moods Picasso Pistachio is a pale mint green range which will really suit a more traditional style of bathroom. Think country kitchen meets the bathroom. In contrast the Moods Picasso Mist is a light grey finish that would suit bathrooms going for a nautical theme with this attractive shade that would sit well alongside palettes of blue which are always popular for bathrooms.

Both of these pastel shades come in a wood panel effect that also adds further texture to your bathroom. The range of furniture ranges from beautiful mirrored cabinets to functional vanity units. A favourite piece of ours is the floor standing tall boy. This useful bathroom cabinet is not fixed so can be placed wherever you like and is a perfect standalone piece for just adding a touch of colour to an otherwise plain bathroom.


Tavistock Kobe Black Bathroom Furniture
Now for the bathroom furniture that truly is for those of you who are willing to make a statement with colour in your bathroom. Monochrome has long been a style choice for decor that offers masculine appeal. Introducing black to your bathroom can really make a bold statement and offer a stark contrast between the black and white.

The Tavistock Kobe Black is a range of glamorous black high gloss finish furniture that will be good for creating this dramatic look in your bathroom. The dark colouring on the toilet unit and vanity units helps to make the white ceramic of your toilet or sink really glisten.

If you like the idea of adding a little black to your bathroom without going all out then the Ultra Design Black range of furniture is ideal. This range offers high gloss black fronts with white gloss surrounds and tops on all of its toilet units, vanity units and bathroom cabinets. This will introduce the black into your bathroom without it becoming too overpowering. This style would be particularly well suited to smaller bathrooms as too much black could really darken certain bathroom spaces lacking in size or natural light.


Ultra Design Red Bathroom Furniture
For the bravest of bathroom designers’ striking red is making an appearance. This vibrant colour will not be to everyone’s taste as it is not the most relaxing of colours but it can really catch the eye and offer a unique look to your bathroom. It won’t require the introduction of much red to brighten up a dull bathroom space.

The Ultra Design Red range of bathroom furniture offers stylish toilet and vanity units with this bright red colouring. This strong coloured range is the same as the black range from Ultra in that it is only the front of the units that have this deep colouring. The surrounding and top panels are finished in pristine white gloss. Release your daring side with the addition of red into your bathroom design.

Whatever your personal preference is to adding colour in the bathroom you can see that a wide spectrum of colours is covered in our bathroom furniture range here at Bella Bathrooms. Whether you decide to go all out on a theme or have a single piece as a focal point we believe a splash of colour is a key trend for modern bathrooms. The most artistic of us can take this further with the addition of a matching feature wall to create real interest in your bathroom.