Lighting up your Bathroom this Winter

Lighting up your Bathroom

With the days growing shorter and the cold, dark nights setting in, lighting is essential to your home. Getting it right can create a warm and relaxing ambience but getting it wrong can highlight imperfections and even keep you awake at night. Today we’re tackling bathroom lighting and sharing a few tips for using lighting tricks to make your bathroom feel warmer, more luxurious and even more spacious!

Recessed lighting

Harsh fluorescent lighting is a common feature of many bathrooms, and it can be simply too bright for some people. It adds nothing to the ambience of the room and is hardly relaxing! So when it comes to choosing light fixtures for your bathroom, it’s a good idea to consider recessed lighting which will give a cosy glow to the room without casting strong shadows like direct light can. Likewise, adding a dimmer switch will give you the option of having bright light when needed, and a softer, calming light when you want to relax in the bath.

Light up your face

One of the areas that you’ll need to be well lit is the bathroom mirror – there’s no point having a mirror when you can hardly see your own reflection in a shadowy corner, or with window light flaring out behind your head. The simple solution is to install an illuminated mirror which will cast a gentle, even light onto your face which will make it easier to perform tasks such as shaving or applying make-up when you’re in the bathroom.

Colour is key

While most light bulbs only come in a handful of colours, LEDs can be a whole rainbow of colours – and you could even choose a colour-changing option for your recessed lighting. At the very least, a warm white would be more relaxing than a bright white during the winter months, so change your existing bulbs and you can enjoy the benefits of a warmer, more calming bathroom instantly.


Stylish Bathroom Lighting
Just because you’re installing lighting in a bathroom, it doesn't mean that you can’t choose a stylish light fitting. Even though bathroom lighting needs to be safe and practical, it is possible to get bathroom-specific light fixtures that would look equally stylish in any room of your house, such as this angled spotlight fitting above. The spotlights will help to minimise any harsh glare and you can angle them to illuminate features of the room, such a quaint alcove or even your newly-installed shower cubicle!

Festive lighting

While you may be tempted to string up some fairy lights over the festive period, remember that most fairy lights that are suitable for indoor use aren't waterproof so could be hazardous in the bathroom. Instead, opt for a couple of cinnamon scented candles and only light them when you’re using the bathroom. The flickering candlelight and soothing scents will create a relaxing ambience in your bathroom while you enjoy a stress-relieving soak in the bath this Christmas.

We hope that these suggestions have give you some ideas for illuminating your home during the dark winter months and we’d love to hear from you if you give any of these methods a try in your own bathroom so please get in touch @BellaBathrooms Take a look at the large variety of lighting and related accessories we have to compliment your bathroom today!