Mira’s re-engineered Sport range available to buy at Bella Bathrooms

Mira Showers is known as the UK’s leading manufacturers if showering products and accessories. The company have the fifth largest development and research budget of any ‘white good’ manufacturer in Britain. This range and value of investment and their own dedication towards the bathroom business results in the company influencing many superb technological features in showering. Mira's re-engineered Sport range available to buy at Bella Bathrooms is one of the many examples and their commitment to design innovation is particularly recognisable in the new range of Sport Multi Fit and the Sport Max. The new Sport Max technology includes the world’s first Airboost technology. This device increases the size of water droplets to enhance the level of flow without using more water. This feature works by pumping air into the water steam and enhance the performance without reducing flow.

The Multi-fit feature allows installation to be made easier and eliminate the complexity and allows ease for customers to easily upgrade. The Sport Multi-fit is ideal for replacements for 99% of all electrical shower. The Multi-fit features both 9.0 or 9.8kw versions. All new showers feature new fittings which also enhance the performance. This is due to user views that effective showers contain good power derived from the showerhead. Their new range provides a boost for anyone wanting a new and improved shower.

Mira Sport Electric Showers