Mixer Showers are now available at Bella Bathrooms

After a shower enclosure has been selected, it is vital for home owners to buy the best type of shower possible to suit your style. With a variety of shower styles available, Bella Bathrooms provide the finest range of shower products to provide you with luxury. The amount of mixer showers we stock are more than enough to help create a wonderful shower experience. Our mixer showers work by combining both hot and cold water, blending it together to gain the required temperature. With this added benefit, the units we stock can be fitted on almost all pressure systems.

As a mixer showers don’t have any electrical parts, the design of the shower valve bodies has been made more pleasant to the eye. Due to the upgrade in appearance, the appeal for the product style has increase and more companies are producing new items. We assure to have the perfect mixer shower for you as we stock products from only the finest manufacturers in the UK. Our mixer showers come in two different ranges, exposed and built-in. An exposed mixer shower provides easy installation as the unit sits on top of the wall, whereas the built in shower option creates a cleaner look however makes installation difficult.

Overall we stock the best range of shower mixers available in the bathroom market by the prestigious manufactures all providing company guarantees to ensure you get the most out of your product. No matter what budget you are on, we ensure we have something ideal for you, capable of transforming your suite into a luxurious facility it deserves.

Mixer Shower by Hudson Reed