The Modern Co-Inhabiting Couple: His and Hers Bathrooms

Couples Bathroom

Bathrooms are designed to be a place of sanctuary, yet living in your other half’s pocket can make the morning routine a disaster rather than a stress-free haven. Men and women regularly stage debates about whether the toilet seat should be left up or down, and just how many toiletries count as too many. Small and unorganized bathrooms with a lack of storage and space for two people can be the cause of many arguments for the modern co-inhabiting couple; all of which can be solved with a stylish His and Hers Bathroom. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a large range of bathroom furniture to assist your storage needs!

A practical His and Hers Bathroom can be created easily by installing two wash basins rather than having one to share. With a simple double basin vanity unit, the warzone room can be transformed into a tranquil His and Hers retreat.

Single Vanity Units / Washstands

Single Vanity Unit

If a couple has the luxury of substantial space in the bathroom, they may wish to invest in two single vanity units or washstands. These are perfect for His and Hers style bathrooms, as couples can have plenty of space between one another to use the mirror as they individually please. In addition, having two vanity units allows couples to divide their bathroom belongings into separate storage solutions under the basin.

A more minimalist approach can still be achieved with two separate basins by opting for washstands instead of vanity units. Washstands remove the temptation for clutter, yet can still contain one shelf underneath the basin for a towel or small collection of toiletries.

Double Vanity Units / Washstand

double sink vanity unit

A double basin unit is the epitome of intimacy, and can be enjoyed in small or large His and Hers Bathrooms. Attaching two basins together is ideal for creating a contemporary look and generating more (much-needed) space. Couples can choose from a variety of modern and traditional styles of vanity units from Bella Bathrooms, all which are a practical, stylish and worthy investment.

Once again for a more subtle, stylistic approach double washstands can prove just as effective as double vanity units in creating the tranquil His and Hers sanctuary.


bathroom accessories

To complete a bathroom designed for two, don’t forget to double up on accessories allowing couples to share less and save on time during the morning routine. Browse Bella Bathrooms’ range of matching bathroom accessories including towel rails, soap dishes and dispensers and tumblers. These finishing touches will complete the transformation into a His and Hers Bathroom to be enjoyed by you and your spouse.