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Modern Corner Bath Ideas

If you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration on transforming your bathroom into a modern space filled with indulgent fixtures, on-trend soft-beige tiles, and refined detailing, then we’re here to explain to you why a corner bath will make all the difference to the overall feel and functionality of your bathroom.

With a gently curved front, a generous bathing area, and reinvigorating technological features, a corner bathtub is suited to smaller bathrooms and spacious bathrooms. Coming in a variety of sizes and lengths to meet the contours of your bathroom wall, having a corner bath is a sophisticated way to really maximise your bathroom’s square footage all while bringing a luxurious, spa-like feel to your own home.

When paired with our corner basins and corner toilets, you’ll be able to make use of the space you have available in your bathroom without having to compromise on maintaining a seamlessly modern style throughout your bathroom. Let’s start by taking a look at the different styles of corner baths, then we’ll move on to explore several of our favourite corner bath suites. At the very end of this blog post, you’ll find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying your very own modern corner bath.

Styles of corner bath

There are two main styles of corner bath: a standard corner bath has two sides equal in length and either a geometrically angled front or a curved front panel, whereas an offset corner bath features one side which is longer in length than the other to accommodate for varying layouts of bathrooms.

If your bathroom includes the perfect right angle where the walls meet, a standard corner bathtub will fit neatly in the corner of your room. Alternately, if your layout is a little less uniform, an offset bath will allow you to choose between a left and right-handed design depending on the bathroom suite arrangement you’re working with. One advantage of an offset bath is that you’ll have a more generous bathing space than would be the case if you opted for a standard shaped bath.

When you’re looking for a space-saving solution for small bathrooms, a combined corner shower bath could be a practical choice which won’t result in you having to go without the luxury of a corner bath. All that would be required is that you fit a shower screen or a set of shower curtains on a rail around the unit itself, then install a shower head for the water flow to be directed into the tub. Creating a corner bath shower combo is a straightforward process and one that strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality.

Our Favorite Corner Bath Suites

To give you some corner bath ideas, we’ve handpicked a few of our favourite suites to give you a little more inspiration. We have a wide variety of corner bath suites in stock here at Bella Bathrooms so make sure to take a look on our website too.

1. Frontline Orlah Luxury Offset Corner Bath

First up on the list of our favourite suites, we have the Frontline Orlah Luxury Offset Corner Bathtub. Ideal for installation in a luxurious master bathroom, this acrylic bath will maximise the space in your bathroom furniture layout while providing an indulgent bathing experience. You’ll be able to choose between a left and right-hand version to best match your bathroom’s layout. The inner seat paired with the generous bathing area provides the perfect setting to sit back and relax in. Even better, Frontline have a wide range of whirlpool options, body jets, and LED lighting that you can integrate into their products, so if you wanted to bring the sumptuousness of a corner jacuzzi to your own home, then this suite will be ideal.

2. Frontline Lagoon

Another extravagant corner bath from Frontline, the Lagoon model is similarly available as either a left or right-hand shape depending on your bathroom’s layout. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, this corner bathtub is well-suited for a contemporary style of interior design; opt for floor-to-ceiling beige tiles made from marble, gold and copper detailing, and symmetrical spotlights for a spa feel in your own home. As with Frontline’s Orlah corner bath, you’ll be able to incorporate the same jet whirlpool systems and lighting options into your corner bathtub for a truly reinvigorating bathing experience.

3. Nuie Pilot

The Nuie Pilot is an offset corner bath which boasts compactness, making it ideal for any amount of bathroom space. Made from acrylic, this corner bathtub features the gently curved lines so characteristic of this style of corner tub and has a seat to provide the bather with the most relaxing of bathing experiences. Nuie offers bespoke bath panels in line with your preferred design ideas and, as this model requires that tap holes be drilled into it, you can choose your own taps or leave it as is and opt for wall-mounted or freestanding taps depending upon your desired finish.

Complement Nuie’s Pilot bath with additional corner suite items such as the High Gloss White Corner Vanity Unit and Toilet Set for a consistent feel throughout your bathroom.

4. Frontline Luxe

Boasting a generous bathing area and built-in headrests, this Luxe Corner Bath from Frontline is one of the most indulgent of corner baths that we have included in our list. Coming with a lifetime guarantee as a testament to the quality of this unit, as well as the option of adding Frontline’s whirlpool and lighting fixtures, this will transform your bathroom corner into the ideal space to unwind after a long day. Measuring 1400 x 1400mm, this bathroom bathtub is a little larger than most and is well-suited to more spacious bathrooms.

5. Moods Orlando

Available in either a left-hand or a right-hand version, the Moods Orlando tub is both compact and stylish and will make the most of that awkward unused corner in your bathroom. You’ll be able to choose between a standard acrylic finish or a supercast edition and you can also opt to incorporate Moods’ wellness systems into the bathtub if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant. Moods also provide a matching bath panel and the freedom to choose a set of taps that will seamlessly bring your bathroom together – tap holes will need to be drilled in upon purchase if you’re not interested in alternative free-standing or wall-mounted taps. This unit is a prime example of how, even in small bathrooms, you don’t have to compromise on having luxurious suite items just because you’re limited on space.

As a tip to tie into the theme of optimising your space, we would recommend fitting a wall-mounted corner shelf above the bath to store folded towels, soaps, and shampoos. The clear finish of the Croydex Chester Corner Glass Shelf makes for the perfect storage solution in a modern style of bathroom.

6. Moods Laguna

If you’re looking to bring a clean sense of symmetry to your bathroom, the Moods Laguna’s a beautiful standard-shaped corner bath that will sit tightly in the very corner of your room. Unlike our previous recommendation from Moods, this tub has pre-drilled tap holes so you’ll be able to choose a set of fixed taps which complement the rest of your interior design ideas. To create a calming corner jacuzzi, Moods have the option of implementing their spa-like systems into this bathtub. Ideal for a modern bathroom, this corner bath will complement other contemporary fixtures thanks to its soft curves and pristine shade of white.


We know that you’ll have a few questions when you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on corner bathtubs so we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions posed by those looking to find their dream corner bath suite. We’re here to give you the answers you need to ensure that you can have the very best experience in transforming your bathroom space into a place for rest and relaxation.

Do corner baths save space?

A corner bath is one of the best space-saving solutions for small bathrooms. This modern take on the standard rectangular bath won’t extend into your bathroom’s floor space as far and can sit flush against the wall. Both highly functional in their design and a statement piece for any modern bathroom style, a corner bath is a great addition to small bathrooms and will sit seamlessly with other contemporary corner suite items.

As offset corner baths are available as either left or right-handed, even the most awkward of bathroom layouts allow for the installation of this style of bath. Take advantage of your currently unused corners to create an indulgent haven where you can relax with ease.

Are corner baths any good?

Not only is a corner bathtub a great idea for maximising your bathroom’s square footage but they also add a real touch of class to your bathroom. Unlike a regular bathtub, corner baths often have a seat to add an extra layer of comfort when you use them. Adding indulgent wellness systems to your corner bath such as jets, whirlpool settings, and chromotherapy mood lighting are also characteristics of corner baths which make them so appealing; even the most simplistic of bathrooms are transformed by installing a lavish corner bath.

As corner baths become increasingly more popular, they’re now an affordable suite item to have in your own home. The vast array of styles available similarly means that whether you’re a fan of a modern monochrome decor or a simplistic neutral scheme, there will be a corner bath suited to you and your bathroom.

What size are corner baths?

A corner bathtub can come in a range of shapes and sizes ready for installation in small bathrooms or large family bathrooms. You’ll be able to select between a standard corner bath or an offset model to ensure that it will fit snugly into the corner of your bathroom. Choosing a unit which doesn’t have drilled tap holes upon purchase will also mean that you can opt for wall-mounted taps to really get the most out of that awkward, likely unused, corner of your bathroom.

Here at Bella Bathrooms, our corner bath units range from 1200mm in length through to 1500mm, and 900mm to 1200mm in width. If you’re after something that exudes opulence, one of our largest bathtubs is the previously mentioned Frontline Lagoon Corner Bath; with dimensions measuring 1450 x 1200 mm, this is a larger bath that has a generous amount of room for both you and your partner to bathe in. On the other hand, if you’re working with a compact bathroom, perhaps our Nuie Pilot will be best suited to you; measuring only 1450 x 950 mm, this tub won’t protrude outwards into your bathroom as much as other models, freeing up the floor while still providing you with the satisfaction of a corner bathtub.

Can you put a shower in a corner tub?

As you likely already know, walk-in shower enclosures and standard bathtubs take up a lot of space when fitted into a bathroom side-by-side. Of course, you can opt for a shower bath combo but this isn’t quite as extravagant as having a corner tub so why not have a shower combined with a corner bathtub.

We have several design ideas that will inspire you to really maximise every inch of your bathroom by having a multi-purpose corner tub. Fitting a glass panel bath screen along the edge of your tub will still allow for natural and artificial lighting to bounce around the room to create a spacious feel and it’ll also enable you to use a shower over the top of the bathtub. Install a wall-mounted shower head and a handset and you’ve got yourself the dream corner shower and bathtub. Take a look at some of our shower accessories to save on spending money on a separate shower enclosure and to save on that all-important floor space in your bathroom.