6 Last Minute Handmade Gifts For Mothers Day

mother day gifts

Mothers Day is shortly arriving, and we know some of you won't have a gift planned yet. Choosing the perfect gift for your Mum can be tricky, especially when there's so many options. Buying gifts such as bathroom accessories is a lovely idea, however it's often the handmade, sentimental gifts she will treasure forever. It shows thoughtfulness, love and a lot of creativity on your part. Handmade gifts can take a bit of time though, so we've found 6 gorgeous ideas that won't take you much time at all, and your mum is guaranteed to love. (blame us if she doesn't).

Concrete Planters

Whether you make your own pots, or use concrete pots from a local DIY store, making concrete planters is the perfect way to surprise your mum. Lay them out on the bathroom shelves or even in the kitchen and fill with your mums favourite flowers or cacti.


Tablet Holder

Not that we suggest having electrical items in the bathroom, but a nice relaxing bubble bath and a classic movie will be the perfect way to treat your mum, and give her 5 minutes peace on Mothers Day. This Homemade tablet holder is an easy, and unique gift.


Bath Bomb Jar

A relaxing bath with a bath bomb truly is the perfect way to treat your mum. Why not hand make bath bombs, and pop them in a jar, and tie a bow for the perfect gift.

bath bombs

Pebble Bath Mat

Give your mum the feeling of a home spa by creating a pebble bath mat. Simply glue pebbles all over an old bath mat for an instant update, and home spa look.

stone mat

Sugar Body Scrub

There is no mum that doesn't love a luxurious body scrub. However, ones in the shops tend to be expensive, and full of unnecessary chemicals. So give your mum the perfect natural treat by making a sugar body scrub. The likelihood is you'll have all these ingredients in your cupboards, so this truly is a gift to make if you have no time at all.

body scrub


Wooden Towel Hanger

Handmaking bathroom accessories sounds daunting and time consuming. But this DIY towel hanger is the perfect gift to add something unique to your mums bathroom.


We hope these few DIY ideas have inspired you to get creative this mothers day. We'd love to know if you try any out, so be sure to tweet us or comment below if you do.