My Toilet Is Blocked – How To Fix It

There are certain words that will strike fear into the heart of many a man or woman; my toilet’s blocked. Always bound to happen at the worst possible time, it might not be a great job but someone’s got to do it and if you’re reading this then that someone is probably you. You don’t need to invest in a plumber if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Instead, you can spare the cash and take matters into your own hands. It’s not a glamorous job but hey, it’s got to be done!

Dealing with blockages

Handy tips to start

Look the part. You’ll need sanitary rubber gloves to eradicate exposure to any germs. Paper your floor to minimise the impact if your toilet ends up overflowing. Air the room out with an open window or ventilation to ensure you get a bit of breathing space from noxious chemicals.

Assesing and Removing the blockages

  • You may be able to see the cause of the obstruction. In which case, if you’re lucky, you can effortlessly remove it pretty quickly.


  • Easing the obstruction can be made possible by pouring a pot or half a bucket of hot tap-water from a great height into the bowl. The power of water poured from a height enables it to erode the clog or sometimes, clear it entirely. Don’t opt for boiling water as this can crack porcelain and leave you with more problems than you started with.


  • Plunging an obstruction can be a great work out (hey, we have to make light of this somehow). Large plungers let you use more force which may be necessary. You want the plunger to be big enough that you can comfortably fit it into your toilet without getting it stuck. Develop a firm and slow motion and add water if necessary to lubricate the process.


  • If plunging isn’t doing the trick and the obstruction is near the surface, you can use a wire coat hanger as an alternative. The narrow nation of the coat hanger means that you can snake it into the tube to loosen the obstruction.


  • A wet-dry vacuum can be a godsend. Whatever you do, don’t use a normal vacuum cleaner. Only a wet-dry vacuum can cope with water.


  • If you have time to wait, you can let your toilet soak overnight using an enzymes product. This item will only work on organic matter clogging your toilet so if the cause of your troubles is known to you and happens to be a child’s toy or hairbrush, this won’t help! Prepping the mixture, this will break down pesky matter blocking your toilet. You can also use trusty old baking soda.


Hope our handy guide has helped with your blockage issues so your bathroom suite can return to its full function!