My Toilet Won’t Flush – How To Fix It

If there’s one appliance that you want to be working well, it’s your toilet! The implications of an improperly working toilet are too unappealing to even consider. But say that this is the situation you find yourself faced with. We are here to quickly walk you through how to get your toilet flushing and functional again as quickly as possible - after all, this isn’t an issue you want to drag on for longer than necessary!

  • More often than not, a hard obstruction will be obscuring your toilet and preventing it from flushing. To find it and get rid of it once and for all, you will need to remove the toilet and take a look from underneath. It is possible to do so yourself but if you have any doubts, its best to contact a plumber who can take care of things for you. They’ll find it a relatively fast job. After all, they are professionals and can tackle such routine matters easily and for a small fee. Sometimes that fee is worth the peace of mind it affords and at least you know the job will be done right. All sorts can be stuck down your toilet - previous owners and small children can have a lot to answer for!
  • Give the toilet a flush and see what happens. Does nothing happen at all or does the toilet swirl but give up halfway? Swirling is indicative that the water in the tank is not entering the bowl quickly enough. If you put 1-1/2gal of water in a bucket and pour that into the bowl you may be able to get the toilet flushing though you’ll have to make sure that the lines under your toilet can tolerate it. Again, if unsure, contact a plumber. By using a small mirror, you will be able to locate the holes where the water enters into the bowl. This can easily become caked with debris which you can clear out using a drill bit.
  • The flush diaphragm may be split – part of the toilet syphon which is the most popular flushing mechanism. The more you flush, the bigger the split gets and sometimes it just needs replacing. This can be a DIY job for those with a bit of toilet know-how, but otherwise just ask a professional.
  • Clogged vents can leave a lot to be desired! Again, you’ll want to check that these haven’t been swamped with scum causing your toilet to refuse to flush.