What You Need For An Easy Access Bathroom

Easy Access Bathrooms

Navigating your way around your beautiful bathroom isn’t always easy and besides the style these days is the clutter free, no-fuss bathroom. Even if you haven’t opted for the minimalist look, it’s still nice to just get in and do your thing. We’ve pooled our knowledge to bring together an assortment of ideas you can implement to give yourself an easy access bathroom suited to your specific needs so that you can soak in style.

What Can I do to Create an Easy Access Bathroom?

  • Walk in shower units eliminate so much hassle and are ideal for those who struggle with conventional baths. Those recovering from injuries or concerned about slipping and falling can immediately eradicate such fears by selecting one of these simple and effortless options. With a large walk in shower there is also room to fit a seat, which is great for those with limited mobility.


  • Those struggling with mobility can find traditional baths so problematic. Walk-in baths allow you to step in, sit down and bathe. Installation is effortless as they fit in place of your current bath.


  • Toilets and basins can also be made effortlessly accessible. Adjustable basins and raised height toilets provide a versatile solution that can be used by all but are particularly great for wheelchair users.


  • There are various modifications and adaptations that you can apply to your bathroom suite to increase its accessibility. Wet floor systems, cubicles and shower trays all keep things effortlessly to hand and make the process convenient and comfortable– there’s even an option of in-bath seating for a relaxing add-on.


  • Open shower trays mean everything you require can be on hand as and when you need it. Keep your essentials available and store the rest away safely. You can adjust the level for certain shower trays to have them at the necessary height for your specifications.


  • Grab rails make getting in and out of the bath or shower a far safer and easier process. Secure, sturdy and durable, you can remain worry free and retain piece of mind. Such items are useful for home owners with disabilities, limited mobility or elderly persons who are unsteady on their feet.


  • Bath mats and pillows minimise slipping and sliding in the bath whilst pillows help you position yourself comfortably for a tranquil soak. Luxurious and pampering, bath pillows are also perfectly suitable for neck, shoulder or back injuries to keep you propped up and secure.